How To Do a Reverse Email Search

Do a reverse email search to find a person's name or information on the email address owner.  The following are situations when a reverse email address search may be needed:

  1. To find out who sent an email to your son or daughter
  2. To find a relative or high school friend through email
  3. To determine who an email address belongs to on the cc list of an email that you received
  4. To send fan mail, ask a question, and show support for local figures or celebrities
  5. To verify the sender of a suspicious email
  6. To know who emailed your spouse and/or who your spouse emailed

When To Use Search Engines

A simple way is to search one or more of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. This may take a long time depending on what you are looking for. If you are trying to verify the legitimacy of an email address you believe is spam, your search will be short if it is indeed spam. Usually spammy email addresses already have complaints registered against them, and your search will reveal this. If you are trying to verify a business email, the major search engines are key and you will find other users' comments about the email address in question.

When To Use Directories

When searching for a particular person, the search engines are less practical because you will get a lot of unrelated results in your search. Online users can tell if an email is spam but they cannot tell you the name associated with a particular email address.  This is when you need to use a web directory can.

There are numerous directories, such as BigFoot, Switchboard and Yahoo Directory that offer free reverse email searches. The directories are a good starting point, but may be out of date. It is up to the user to register his information and keep it up-to-date. When creating your email address you can opt out of the directories, so this type of search does have its limitations.

When To Use Other Resources

Ebay (you will have to be a registered user) and MySpace allow you to search for registered users by their email address. Then there is my personal favorite which is This site will pull up anything registered under that email address such as Amazon and Facebook accounts. The above resources are all free; you shouldn't have to pay for a reverse email search.


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