How To Do an Advanced Google Search

Google search engine seems easy enough to use, until you actually use it.  Then, finding the information you need becomes baffling. For example, if you just typed in the word "horse" then you will get back sites related to horse breeding, horse care, horse racing, the basketball game horse, Trojan horses and the horse chestnut tree.  In order to find the specific, detailed information that you quickly need, you need to do an advanced Google search.

Use Quotes  The easiest way to do an advanced Google search is to put quote marks around your search term.  This makes Google look not just for the presence of the term in an entire document, but for that term in exactly the way you typed it in.  You do not have to worry about capitalization.  Google ignores capitalization.

So, let's back to our "horse" example.  Suppose you wanted to find out about one specific horse, let's say Mr. Ed, from the 1960's television comedy.  You would then enter "Mr. Ed horse" with quote marks surrounding it.  You would then get far more information specifically related to Mr. Ed than just about the television show or horses in general. If you wanted to know the real name of the horse that played Mr. Ed, enter "Mr. Ed horse real name" and you'll discover the real name was Bamboo Harvester.

Advanced Search Form
  Another easy way to do an advanced Google search is to use Google's Advanced Search form.  Let's go back to the "horse" example.  Let's say you want information on chestnut horses, but not about horse chestnut trees.  Chestnut happens to be a color of a horse, so you can't get rid of the word "chestnut".

Click on "Advanced Search", which is in very small lettering next to the blank text box.  You'll be taken to a page which asks you to fill in what terms you want and what terms you don't.  Under the section entitled "Find web pages that have..." type in "horse chestnut".  Under the section "But don't show pages that have..." and type in "tree".  If you only want English websites, then be sure to click "English" in the Language line.  Then, click the Advanced Search button and you'll get your needed results.

Wildcard  There is a fun way to do an Advanced Google Search called the wildcard function.  This also is useful if you are not sure about all of the specific terms you need in a search term.  All you need to do is type in your search term and follow it with a * sign, located over the 8 on standard Qwerty keyboards.


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