How To Do Logo Design

An effective logo can be one of the most beneficial investments for any company.  If you have never designed a logo before, keeping a few key things in mind can make the process a lot easier.  You too, can design a memorable and effective logo.

  • Before beginning to design your logo, you're going to need some sort of design software.  Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are standard applications in the design industry, but free software like GIMP can work just as well for designing a logo.  Microsoft Paint is even a possibility if your company's logo design is going to be relatively simplistic.
  • Now that you have software to use, you want to think about the parameters for your logo design.  What words are going to be included?  The company name?  A motto or slogan?  Is there a specific color scheme to keep in mind?  Is there a company mascot that should be included in the logo?  If you think about these things before you start designing, it'll help you design a logo that will better suit your company's needs.
  • The next thing to keep in mind for quality logo design is to keep it simple.  Your logo will be useful for more purposes if you keep it relatively simple.  A two or three color logo with three words is going to be easier and less costly to reproduce on t-shirts than a 20 color elaborate logo with a paragraph of text.  It will also be more legible for use on your website.  A logo as simple as the silhouette or an outline of the company mascot with the company name or slogan can easily become your new logo.
  • Many logos include text, and if you plan to include text in your logo design, think carefully about your font choice.  You want your text to be legible and easy to understand, so steer clear of elaborate decorative fonts.  And when choosing a font, take care to consider the mood the font conveys.  Is it a mood you want others to associate with your company?  A fun font can be okay for a party supply company, but may not be okay for a construction company.  It is best to err on the side of a more professional looking font.

Keeping these things in mind, you are now ready to design your logo.  Experiment with a few different designs and see what you like best.  Most importantly, have fun designing your logo.


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