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There are many excellent free anti-spyware programs on the Internet today. These programs detect, block, and remove spyware cookies and programs from your computer. There are two types of free anti-spyware, free and shareware. Shareware is free to try and many prove to be worth the cost later but they usually have more security features than just anti-spyware. Free anti-spyware works mainly while you are on the Internet and blocks programs from downloading harmful tracking cookies and programs to your computer called spyware. These cookies and programs, also called malware, collect confidential information, without your consent, and relay them to a third party. Many spyware programs also have viruses embedded in them that transmit through your email to your contacts.

To download free anti-spyware, I recommend you use AntiSpyware Bot - you can download it for free, and it scans, removes spyware and blocks spyware all in one.

For any program, before you click any buttons read the requirements of the program to be sure you can use it on your computer. Not all anti-spyware programs will work on a Mac and most will not work on older versions of Windows. Ubuntu and Linux should be able to run the free anti-spyware, as they are open source Windows compatible operating systems. If your computer is unable to run the program, you will need to upgrade to a newer version of Windows or find a compatible site, otherwise click on the ‘download now' button.

A light yellow bar may appear at the top of the page screen. The message in the yellow bar is the computer's built in security blocking the download and asking for instructions. Click ‘download file'.

Next a small blue and gray screen will appear. It will have information about the download, such as the author of the program. You will have the option to- open, save, or run. Click the ‘open' button.

Another blue and gray screen will appear once the program has downloaded to your computer. This one will ask if you want to install the free anti-spyware. Click the ‘yes' or ‘install' button.

You should have a few seconds before the installation wizard starts. Use this time to exit your Internet program. Any program will install faster and with fewer errors if you exit all unnecessary programs during the process.

Once you have installed the program it will run a scan of your computer and tell you what spyware it has found. Opt to remove all and enjoy a faster computer and safer Internet experience.


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