How To Download Free Antivirus Software

Why spend a lot of money for antivirus software when you can download it for free?  High-quality and stupendous antivirus software will cost you more than $59.00 to download for one year at the current retail price. There are several reputable companies that offer their basic antivirus program free, like AVG, avast! and Norton. In fact, all you have to do is visit one of these websites and follow the directions to download the antivirus software onto your computer. Moreover, downloading free antivirus software online is quick and simple. This article will explain a quick step-by-step guide in getting sufficient protection for you computer that won't cost you a thing.

First, log onto the internet and search for free antivirus downloads or go to CNET.  Research the companies from whom you're considering acquiring antivirus software.  You want to check for any complaints about these companies by searching them on Google and confirming with the Better Business Bureau. Verify with reputable computer magazines to find trustworthy companies who offer complimentary antivirus downloads. Most importantly, seek advice from a computer-savvy associate about free antivirus software. Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to seek great deals and opportunities. Opt for the right company, one which offers the free antivirus that is right for your needs. Multitudes of companies will give you free antivirus and antispyware together. Furthermore, the free antivirus software can be set up to scan your computer automatically at various times.

Once you've chosen a provider, go to that company's website to read up on the system requirements for your computer and to download their complimentary antivirus software.  Examine the company's terms and conditions; make sure that the 'free download' isn't really a free trial period, which will ask you for a credit card. Some companies will offer complimentary software only for a specific time-frame. However, if you do not cancel before the free trial period expires, you will be charged a monthly service fee for the downloaded software. If this is okay with you, then it's okay to proceed - some of the upgraded features you can acquire by paying for the service are worth it.  If it's not what you want, though, you'll have to find a company that offers truly no-cost antivirus software.

After you've selected your program, read and follow the directions carefully to download their software onto your computer.

Finally, in order for your complimentary antivirus software to work efficiently and to keep your computer protected, you must download updates continually. The company will send you reminders to do so or you can remember to click on the free antivirus icon on a daily or weekly basis to learn about any updates. The company will recommend that you upgrade from basic to premium for a discount price. Countless computer users frequently download free antivirus software online without any problems and are very pleased.


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