How To Download Free Virus Removal Software

Protecting your computer from viruses can be a challenging prospect, especially considering the large number of new viruses that appear daily. The software that is needed to remove these viruses can be very expensive, but there is the alternative of being able to download free virus removal software. Check out some of the suggestions below to help you find the software that you need.

An example of good virus software that can be found easily online is at Avast is reputable and solid software that does an excellent job of removing multiple viruses, updates daily for current viruses, and protects your computer while you're on the internet. The program is user-friendly and is free to download.

Ad-Aware is another good virus removal software that is free, and can be downloaded from It gives you options to select specific documents to scan, a smart scan that does only key parts of your computer, or does a complete scan. There is a summary at the end showing what was found and you have options to quarantine and remove them. If you like the software it does offer the option to purchase the upgrade which will give you the full program protection.

AVG antivirus software can be found at the same source online as Ad-Aware and is another free download. It updates daily, doing a thorough scan of your computer that can be set up on a schedule or done manually. It also has a good reputation for virus removal and is easy to download from the site.

All three of these software programs are user-friendly and are easy to troubleshoot if necessary. New versions are offered frequently, and can be installed to get the latest virus protection.

However, you should be very cautious if you experience pop-ups or advertisements on websites that offer excellent virus software protection. If you are interested in one of these, do not automatically click to download them. First to do a search on the advertised software; check out reviews from third-party sources such as Consumer Reports and learn what you can about the program's reputation before you go to that site. If you simply click on the program before you check it out, you could possibly download something that has a virus attached to it. If you find little to no information on that software, do not download it.

By using common sense, checking out reviews on the software, and trying out the software discussed above you will have a good start on removing viruses from your computer.


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