How To Download Torrent Files

First of all let's begin by defining a torrent file, then I will list the steps and software you need to download torrent files yourself. A torrent file is simply a file, whether it is a video, audio or software file, which is available for download using peer to peer sharing. In other words, it is not downloaded from a single site, but from many home computers. Each computer or "peer" contributes parts of the file. This continues until the download is complete.

There is one very important thing you will need before downloading torrent files, up to date anti-virus software. Even though there are many excellent torrents available, there are bad ones as well. It's better to have a good anti-virus program.

The first thing you will need in order to be able to download a torrent file is a bit file downloader.  There are many available for free on the internet. Because of space limitations, only a few are mentioned here, like Bit Comet, Shareaza and Bit Lord just to get you started. All of them are free and work well, although BitLord seems to be the fastest of them as far as overall download speed goes on a larger torrent file.

As well as the software, you will also need to know where to find these torrents. Use Google and type in "bit torrents". This will give you a list of websites that are bit file search engines. works well. Simply type the name of the file you want into the search box, and if it's out there, btjunkie will find it.

OK, you have your downloader and your torrent search site, now how do you use it? Here is how you set your preferences for maximum quality and speed while downloading torrent files. Open "preferences" in whichever torrent client you chose, and make sure that your download speed is set to "no maximum", your upload speed must be lower than your overall internet connection speed! If you leave upload speed at maximum, it will affect your download speed. Also, make sure you leave the "listen port" active. If you disable this, your speed suffers.

Now for the torrent search. For example, to download Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits, simply type it in the search box and hit enter. Find the one you want and click the link. On the next page, click the link that says 'download." The software does the rest for you!


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