How To Download Valentine's Day Wallpaper Backgrounds

Downloading desktop wallpaper for any occasion is fun but it can be a time consuming process if you are unfamiliar with a useful search engine. Valentine's Day themed wallpaper is no exception.

Although there are many different ways to search for wallpaper backgrounds for Valentine's Day, generally the most concise way is to go through They have a wide variety of pictures that are sure to include a desired wallpaper for your computer.

Once there, before entering in a search phrase the link titled Images at the top of the screen should be accessed to eliminate unwanted search items. will then reload with a search engine designed to find pictures only.

Once the site reloads, it is time to input a search query. In this case, when attempting to find Valentine's Day graphics which can be used as wallpaper backgrounds, you have a wide range of keywords you could use. For instance, inputting the phrases Valentine's Day Desktop Wallpaper, Valentine's Day Wallpaper, or Valentine's Day generate pages of content with pictures of all sizes. Any variation is bound to bring up a plethora of choices for you to view.

To eliminate all but the pictures sized for desktop wallpaper, the key is to revise the search options. Toward the top of the results page, under the Google Search field, the word Image shows up in black followed by the phrase Show Options in blue.  When you click on Show Options, a side box appears on the left with multiple options for you to chose from.

The desired picture size can now be singled out.  In this case, the option Larger Than... should be selected. At this point, a drop down menu appears and you can select your preferred desktop size, for example: 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels. This selection automatically adjusts the search options.

To further narrow the search, choices under Any Type can be changed to enhance the search to look for desktop wallpaper backgrounds which have used types such as face, photo, clipart, or line drawing.

Finally, there is the choice of color. If, for instance, you were looking for a Valentine's Day wallpaper for your computer with a yellow theme, you could select the yellow color block and narrow down your search further.

After trying these different options out, hitting the Reset option will bring you back to your original results. Or you can simply try a different search phrase. Using different search phrases enables you to have a variety of results.


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