Dragon Naturally Speaking Software for Medical Dictation

Recent operating systems today have come bundled with voice recognition software application. Using this, you can conveniently command your computer through speaking. However, as what many users have experienced, these applications are not accurate, unlike the Dragon Dictate.

Dragon Dictate, or formally known as Dragon Naturally Speaking software, is a voice recognition software used to make your computer understand your commands through speaking. Dragon software is already a standard in some companies. Even homes and universities are already getting into the dragon professional dictation software mania. And now, the medical sector believes that the Dragon software can help them with better and faster medical dictation. Well, their belief was not wasted with the creation of the following Dragon software:

  1. The UK Medical Edition of Dragon Pro and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical. This is perhaps the most famous Dragon software especially created for medical dictation. Expect this software to be especially created for hospitals, doctors, and medical personnel. What is included in the UK Medical Edition of Dragon Pro are NaturallySpeaking Professional and a specialist medical lexicon written in British English. The manufacturer of this product also offers a customized lexicon from radiology, general medicine, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Also, the manufacturer recommends on-site training before these two products are used.
  2. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical. You can enjoy a package of different vocabularies with this software like for gastroenterology, pediatrics, oncology, mental health, emergency, orthopedic, pathology, neurology, ObGyn, family practice, general medical, surgery, cardiology, and radiology.
  3. UK Pathology Edition of Dragon Pro. This product is especially created for the pathology departments. This already includes the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, on-site training on how to use the product, and pathology software.

Other than these software applications, Dragon also offers other products that will surely be helpful for medical dictation.

You may want to consider getting a wireless headset microphone. Dragon offers its Plantronic USB wireless headset microphone. This product was made for business professionals, thus, its look is clean and sleek. It also has an amazing talk time of up to nine hours, plus a fast-rechargeable battery.

Another accessory worth buying is a digital voice recorder. You can use this to capture important meetings, notes, and seminars without having to write notes. You can even edit your recordings here like inserting audio, overwriting, deleting, and locking voice files.

Canceling microphone is another must-have in your Dragon medical dictation list. This is a uni-directional microphone that cancels out noise from the environment so your voice recording can be more recognizable.

With the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software for medical dictation along with the above mentioned accessories, your dictation will surely be easy and useful. Imagine yourself being free from typing medical records or hiring a medical transcriptionist to do the job for you. Though this may initially cost a lot of money, the convenience and quality work that the Dragon software offers you is enough to say that the program is worth the expense.


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