How To Enable the Vista Aero Theme

Windows Vista is a series of proprietary operating systems (OS) developed and released by Microsoft. These operating systems are among the most widely used platforms for desktop and laptop computers today. Windows Vista is highly advanced as compared to its predecessor Windows XP. In the new lines of OS, many changes and modifications have been applied that aim to improve the overall performance of the platform. One of these many changes is the Windows Aero. The term is actually an acronym that stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. It is a visually pleasing user interface that boasts of live icons and live thumbnails which make it faster, more organized and more efficient.

1. Install Desktop Experience.

Click on the Start button and select Administrative Tools. Afterwards, choose Server Manager. Once the Server Manager window comes up, select Add Features under the Features Summary option. This will start the Add Features Wizard. Lastly, choose Desktop Experience under the list of Features and then click on Install.

2. Get graphics adapter drivers.

Windows Aero-capable graphics adapter drivers are not included in the Windows Server 2008 package so you will need to acquire these from a licensed third party vendor or manufacturer.

3. Access Themes service.

Click on the Start button and select Run. Once the Run window pops up, enter services.msc into the text field and then click on OK. A rundown of installed services will appear. Choose Themes by right-clicking on it, and then click on Properties afterwards. Under the list of Startup types, select Automatic and then click on Apply. After that, you have to click on Start and then OK after.

4. Enable Aero as a color scheme in Windows.

Go to your desktop and right-click on a blank spot. A dropdown menu appears, after which you will need to select on Personalize. Once the dialog box that says Personalization pops up, select Window Color and Appearance. You will then see a list of Color Schemes. Select Windows Aero and then click on OK to finally apply the changes.

5. Opt for shortcut.

You have to right-click on a blank area of your desktop. Once the dropdown menu appears, select New and then Shortcut. This will run the Create Shortcut Wizard. Enter Rundll32dwmApi#102 into the text field and then click on Next. Afterwards, assign a name for the shortcut such as Enable Aero. Lastly, click on Finish to apply the shortcut function.

If Aero is not included in the Color Scheme list, then chances are you have the wrong or outdated graphics adapter drivers. If this is the case, you will need to check the Web site or the graphics drivers' manufacturer to update the one you're using.


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