How To Fax over IP

Fax over IP (IP stands for Internet Protocol) gives users the ability to fax over the Internet. A majority of VoiceIP services now offer this feature, which allows for greater mobility and used of network services.  Fax over IP works by enabling a standard fax machine to communicate with the next document by converting the original fax analog image into a digital, thereby allowing the recipient to view it or forward it on their computer.

The majority of independent business people now use some form of Internet or email fax service for their document communications needs. The benefits of such services are astronomical. Users sign up with an Internet Fax Service Provider and for a small fee, they receive the use of a fax number by which customers and other business can send them documentations. Faxes are then digitized and sent onto the user. Users of such services can then access a specific site online to view sent faxes, send faxes or to reply to faxes.

Cost is a key benefit to using Fax over IP, the set up costs and monthly maintenance are much cheaper than the maintenance involved is keeping paper, a designated phone line, and the other products needed to maintain a traditional fax machine. Some Internet Fax Service Providers charge as little as $5.00 a month for limited services.

Fax over IP is very portable and users can access information from any device that has Internet capabilities. This feature is excellent for outside sales, those who travel and others whose business is always on the go.  Because of its mobility, the user is not tied to the fax machine to await documents.

A feature of Fax over IP that is especially attractive to mobile users is the fact that one the fax is converted into a PDF, or JPG file the user is able to send it anywhere or store it electronically. Using Fax over IP is better to use over traditional fax machines. Users don't have to worry about paper jams or change messy toner cartridges.

Fax over IP is scalable to meet any individual's, small business or a company's faxing requirements. Most service providers offer special rates for large users of fax services making it an attract part of the business to out source. The use of traditional fax machines someday will be phased out of the business environment much as the typewriter was eliminated from use by the advent of the computer.


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