How To Find a Free Online Encyclopedia

Most of us used to spend a lot of money to own a set of encyclopedias, but with the advent of modern technology - the Internet - we do not have to worry anymore, because an online encyclopedia makes learning easier and less expensive. Here are some free encyclopedias available on the Internet:

  1. This online encyclopedia encapsulates millions of texts from the world's famous publications. offers reference books such as Oxford's World Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia of World Biography. The site also provides online dictionaries like the Dictionary of Psychology (which helps students in the field of social science), Dictionary of Current English (which is used to look for general definitions), and Dictionary of Nutrition (provides accurate meanings for nutrition terms). Other dictionaries such as Webster's New World Dictionary, the Dictionary of Biology and other science dictionaries, as well as Pocket Dictionaries are also provided by the website. Aside from informative texts and online dictionaries, features such as archived texts, images, fast facts, and biographies are offered by this online encyclopedia site. Subject matter includes management, the arts, medicine, science, and accounting. This encyclopedia is also highly recommended for professionals, students, and teachers.
  2. Wikipedia. This encyclopedia is a collection of free content, and everyone can edit its content. Unlike other encyclopedias, Wikipedia has many authors from the different corners of the world. Their writers are volunteers who excel in their respective fields. This online encyclopedia covers topics about science, math, computers, language, history, and the like. Wikipedia ensures up-to-date content. Wikipedia also tries to improve access to knowledge. The owners of the site make sure that the site is suited to a multilingual society. Wikipedia includes articles, images, and links to other useful and interactive web sites. A discussion feature also makes Wikipedia stand out. Their pages are open for questions, clarifications, and sometimes modifications of content as discussed by the readers.
  3. MSN Encarta Encyclopedia. As compared to the first and second encyclopedia, the owners of Encarta made it possible to store their content in CDs. Unlike other online encyclopedias, Encarta is famous for its interactive visual browser. It contains thousands of articles, sound and video clips from the Discovery Channel, and illustrations, with captions for those who have hearing impairments. An interactive atlas is also included in Encarta. Some articles from this encyclopedia also contain multimedia support (e.g. 3D tours) and direct links to other websites. To make their encyclopedia more user-friendly, the company owners provide sidebars showing some suggested results on the topic being searched. Encarta also provides educational games that will surely be enjoyed by the kids. This encyclopedia offers an online dictionary that does not only define words but also provides correct utterance of words for speech learners.

You will surely have a wonderful learning experience with these free online encyclopedias. These are only three of the frequently visited websites. You can find more using your favorite search engine. You will not only be allowed to read text heavy pages, but you will also be presented with multimedia that will help you learn easier. What are you waiting for? Search for these encyclopedias now.


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