How To Find a Tutorial on Embedded System Design

Do you ever wonder how everyday household appliances work?  Impossible as this may sound, they are controlled by computers.  Even the smallest gadget in the world is controlled by computers.  You may now be wondering how a computer can fit into a digital clock for example.  Actually, this can be possible with an embedded system design.

An embedded system design is basically a specialized computer system that is embedded on a microprocessor board.  The programs that this computer system performs are stored in its ROM.  All digital appliances used embedded systems to keep their basic functions working.  Embedded system designs can be as simple as that of a digital clock to as complicated as alarm systems or aircraft navigation systems.

If you are interested in learning how embedded system design works, you may want to consider checking out these free online resources:

  1. Learn-CThe site basically teaches everyone how an embedded system design system works.  Not only that, the site has available experiments for the learner to try for a more effective understanding of this minute computer system.  The tutorial works on Linux and Windows computer platforms.  There is specialized instruction on working with the tutorial on Linux, though.  The learner is also expected to have the hardware needed to have the interactive hands-on experience. 
  2. Embedded.Com.  The site takes pride in being the official page of the Embedded Development Community.  Not only does this site have tutorials on embedded system design, but a learner will also get to have first-hand information through blog posts and forum discussions.  Registration is required, since it is also a social network of embedded system design users.

Alternatively, there are other institutions that are engaged in reviewing and teaching or tutoring students as well as professionals on embedded systems designing:

  1. National Instruments. This agency offers a comprehensive tool that will make tutorials for embedded systems design easier. Engineering students can be able to build powerful and sophisticated embedded systems designs.
  2. Embedded Systems Design Magazine. This informational product provides guidance to systems designers in building systems designs. It provides methodologies needed by engineers to hone their skills in systems designing, and by engineering students to teach them strategies in selecting the hardware and software components for building the system.
  3. Computing Reviews. This is an association of computing machinery. The association is an elite corps of expert critiques in computing disciplines used by engineers and systems designers. A candidate sets the subject matter he wishes to review. Systems engineers who join the association as reviewers also become authors in their fields of review.

Non-computer trained professionals may not appreciate the current trend in embedded design. Even computer trained engineers do not completely join the wagon of the embedded design system because of the traditional design techniques that they are used to. They expect that this new methodology is not cost effective. Some engineers even predict this system might solve the wrong problems. However, continuous improvement of the system and increased tutorials for non-computer trained engineers may solve the issue and brighten the future.


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