How To Find a Virtual Office Online Calendar

A virtual office is a Web-based application used by a virtual desktop. Virtual desktop is a phrase used to describe software intended to expand the applications of a regular screen. Virtual office is also called Office 2.0. It can be described in a number of ways. A virtual office can be a plan in using online services. It can also be a connection or a link to other desktop applications. This technology is composed of several online instruments. Virtual offices can also be downloaded from the Internet.

Office 2.0 is derived from the virtual office concept with additional features. It is a new advertising style showing the big idea of producing several published applications rather than individual programs. Using this office, a person can now make bookmarks, online and print calendars and contacts. It also integrates other applications like CRM database, e-mail, feed reader, Google reader, presentations, spreadsheets, Weblog, word processor and calculator. Other applications include drawing, fax, file sender, group manager, Notepad, photo editing, photo manager and clipboard. Virtual Office applications make it easy to organize with the use of applications like Desktop Publishing, Development Tool, Document Manager, Expense Tracker and Feed Processor.

One of the applications in Office 2.0 software is the online calendar. Using this application, the user can make calendars with various purposes like yearly calendar, group calendar and full calendar showing holidays. The user can print the calendar with any chosen template. Online calendar is essential in organizing the entire business system. It keeps a person updated in terms of meeting schedules, appointments and tasks. It is also a very user-friendly system.

Here are some places where you can find a virtual office calendar.

  • is a Web site that gives it users the opportunity to set calendars for big and small groups. You can even design your own calendar using document entries with graphics and hyperlinks. You can even enter holidays on your online calendar.
  • Contact Office is software that gives you a 2MB storage capacity. It also has features like an address book, a calendar, 1MB document storage, a notepad and a bookmark manager.
  • eKnown is a Web site that provides a self-updating address book to keep your contacts list renewed. It also offers an easy to do calendar. The user can put all things that need to be done with an added priority level.
  • HotDiary is a Web site that allows the user to make personal and group calendars. It also has features like a contact manager, memo service, to do list and many more.
  • Intranet is a type of a private network. It is usually a system of interlinked computers in a company. Most Intranet providers have special applications like inter-office e-mails. This e-mail software has built in online calendars or a task manager. It allows the user to create a custom calendar with contact database, announcements, board, document storage area, newsfeeds and other services.

Virtual office has several uses. It is an organizer that manages tasks for a company. It also sorts out all the applications in a virtual screen for easier browsing. It also gives the user an option to customize the screen for easier navigation. A virtual office can also create virtual meetings. It has an auto update feature to ensure everyone using the virtual desktop has an up to date calendar. 


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