How To Find an Online Symptom Checker

The Internet has a variety of uses to different people. Some people use it to get free music, movies, books, and other media, while some use it for research. One amazing thing about it is that people can use it to find more information about the symptoms they are experiencing. Using an online symptom checker, a person with no medical experience can get a few ideas about what may be wrong with him.

Here is a brief description of some of the most popular symptoms checker online.

  1. WebMD Symptom Checker. WebMD is a one-stop online health resource where you can find health information and tools for managing your health. To start using its online symptom checker, click the start-here button that can be seen in the upper center of the web page. You will be directed to a small form and asked to input your sex and age. You can also give your email address and zip code if you want to. Submit the form. You will then be asked to ask pinpoint a specific area of the body where you are experiencing a symptom. Once done, the tool will give you a list of symptoms that you are experiencing. Select the one that you feel, and the system will give you a list of conditions associated with the selected symptom. Just click on each one of them to get an overview or be directed to articles regarding that condition.
  2. Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker . From the world famous Mayo Clinic comes an online service that allows users to discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms. You will be asked to select a symptom from a list that is divided between adults and children. Once you select the symptom you manifest, you will be asked to check the items that describe your symptom more, including location, possible cause, and other related symptoms. A list of diseases and conditions that match the symptoms and associated factors you selected will be provided. The most probable causes are listed first.
  3. Medical Symptoms Online. Any information you want about the symptoms you are experiencing can be found here. To start using this tool, choose whether you are male or a female. Then, click on the specific area where you are experiencing the symptom. That area will get highlighted and a list of possible symptoms and signs will be generated. Click the symptom or sign you are experiencing to get its definition and common causes. You'll also learn about medical terms and diagnostic tests related to that symptom. You will also get advice on when to see the doctor in relation to your symptom.

Other online symptom checkers you can try are the following:

Please bear in mind that these online symptom checkers are for informational use only. They cannot replace the diagnosis of a medically-trained doctor. As such, you are still advised to see your doctor once you notice any symptom, or signs of worsening appear.


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