How To Find Attendance Tracking Software

In a company, information on the attendance of employees is vital. This is where payroll and other custom records are obtained. Therefore, the need for accurate statistics is substantial. For easier data collection, most companies rely on attendance tracking software. Each individual employee is given unique identifiers for daily logging in and punching out, usually a card that has a magnetic strip or barcode, called a proximity card. This card can be swiped across a reader device to monitor attendance. There are three kinds of attendance software. These are phone-based, web-based, and PC-based software.

More advanced attendance software uses biometric input devices. They record either the fingerprints or the handprints of an individual to make sure that it is the right person that is logging in or logging out. This is commonly used for security reasons and also to avoid employees logging in for each other.

When you are considering getting attendance tracking software, it is best to know where to find reliable options. Most of the attendance systems are sold directly from vendors or through resellers. If you are handling large accounts, you may go directly to the vendors. Local resellers handle sales, installation, and training for smaller companies.

In looking for attendance software, you can attend to these following considerations:

  1. Investigate the manufacturers. Ensure that the company you are considering can be trusted and has the resources to support their business.
  2. Choose a trusted attendance software reseller. Good resellers are those that have extensive experience in the application you are considering.
  3. Know the specific features of the software. Know the specific needs of your company, and look for the software that will best cater to your needs.

It should be noted that each of the company has different kinds of needs for an attendance tracking system. The needs will depend on the type of company.

The most basic attendance software tracks the log-in and log-out statistics of an employee for salary and reports. Some cater to schedule management that allows supervisors to create and monitor the schedule of each individual employee. Also, they can be used to set rules for scheduling employees including holidays, break times, and overtime. Some systems can also track tardiness and absenteeism patterns of employees.

When looking for software, you should know the basic accounting, reporting, and auditing tools that are offered by the vendor. For more effective software, you should have easy access to employee data and other tools for accuracy audits. Also, the capability of the tool to generate calculations in a retroactive manner is a good feature, because it becomes useful for correcting errors and checking changes in salary or benefits.

Good attendance tracking software depends on the needs of the company. However, finding a good system is not difficult, because most vendors manufacture products that are designed for specific industries like hospital or schools. Specific industries have different work routines and information requirements that will determine their scheduling and also their reporting needs. However, you should be careful in choosing the software. It does not mean that when the box labels match your industry, you should choose it.

Proper selection is determined by how it will be beneficial to the daily records of the company. The costs of the system should be justified by its functionality.


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