How To Find Evaluation Form Templates

Evaluation template

The use of an evaluation form is important to any industry. From school to the workplace, everyone needs an evaluation form at one point for whatever reason it may serve them. Since an evaluation form may have different purposes, people find it hard to construct effective forms. For this reason, they find evaluation form templates to be the best source.

Though a lot of establishments have their very own templates to follow for their forms, there are available sample templates that are accepted universally. Some of these templates include a student evaluation form, survey form, teacher evaluation form, employee performance form, appraisal form, and much more. These kinds of sample templates can be found on the Internet.

Some websites where you can find evaluation form sample templates are:

  • Halogen Software at This is a website that caters only to general employee evaluation forms. Some of the templates the site offers for download include annual employee performance forms, annual employee performance appraisal forms, hourly employees evaluation forms, employee goal setting forms, goal setting and review forms, and a lot more.
  • Sample Evaluation Forms at This website lets you download three kinds of evaluation forms like employee forms, principal forms, and teacher forms. Examples of forms that can be downloaded from this site are observation forms for teachers, evaluation summary forms for teachers, principal perception check, annual professional growth, and principal self-evaluation form.
  • Biztree at The website offers different kinds of employee evaluation forms for a lot of industries like construction, legal, accounting, media, and the like.
  • DocStoc at It has in store candidate evaluation forms specifically useful for recruitment departments.
  • Survey Analytics at This website has a collection of more than 500 survey forms or questionnaires. Examples of survey templates include customer feedback surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, physician satisfaction surveys, and a lot more useful survey templates.
  • at This gives survey templates that are appropriate for the evaluation of high school and higher education students.
  • Survey Console at This website offers different kinds of survey forms. The most popular of these is the customer satisfaction survey form.
  • Web Surveys at Web Surveys is a good source of sample forms for online survey or evaluation forms. This is specifically useful for a Human Resources Department for online evaluations and gathering of information from all its staff and employees.
  • Wareseeker at Wareseeker provides different kinds of software that help generate different kinds of forms, more specifically employee evaluation forms. All of the software they are offering is for free.

Since evaluation forms are widespread already across the Internet, it is no longer hard to devise effective forms that will serve you with great purpose. With the available templates for your everyday work, study, and school needs, evaluation and other related activities become easier these days.


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