How To Find Free Domains For Website Hosting

Go online and you can find almost anything for free--from free concert tickets to free toothpaste, from free donuts to a free vacation in the Bahamas and free shopping money.

The Internet has a lot of personal and professional use nowadays, and if you are thinking of having your own plot in cyber space, you can also get free hosting and free domains, for whatever purpose you may want (preferably a legal one). There are major providers that sell domains and website hosting services, and their charges can really hurt - they can even bundle a service for you along with other services you may not be needing.

While they may not be unlimited, hosting providers can offer these services for free (or they can sell you a cheap website with a fee of no more than $10 per year of subscription). Here are some ways to find free domains for website hosting.

Read forums about website hosting. Apart from the technical information you can get from these sites, members are willing to assist other members on almost anything relating to website hosting. They can tell you names of hosting providers and give you feedback about their service. They may even tell you their previous experiences with other free hosting sites, either good or bad - something you might have not known had they not given you the feedback.

Check out the following websites.

If you need database support:

  • For free, they provide 350MB, FTP access, ASP 3.0, SSI, and Microsoft Access database support with their fast servers.
  • Hostse. They provide MySQL support along with 25GB of bandwidth. They are also generous enough to let you use your own domain, or a free subdomain from them.

If you are keen about technical support:

  • Hostrator. This is a web hosting service that provides 10 gigs of absolutely free space, as well as free sub-domains. Their technical support can be reached via E-mail at any time. The service supports PHP and MySQL.
  • ProHosting. This provides customer support via email along with 50MB of webspace, an FTP account and CGI access.

Check websites you think are under a free hosting service. They normally have a clickable banner ad within the website that can tell you about the free hosting service provider for that website. More often than not, these are sites of individual sellers or small service providers.

While they may be free, do check if they can support the content you will be placing (e.g. directory listings or front page hosting). If you already used your domain and found out that they cannot support your bandwidth, you would not be able to use the domain again should you sign-up for another free hosting service.

Also, if you have long-term plans for your website, you might want to consider getting a cheap web hosting service that can cater to your needs once they expand.

Free domains for web hosting can be found online, and once you get the clear details about their service, you can be ready to upload your content and make your presence known in the cyber world.


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