How To Find Free Image Hosting Sites

Image hosting is the same as having a Web site where you host what you are selling or showing, only it is images that you are going to add to the site. Hosting is the same as entertaining. It is easy to find free image hosting sites on the Internet. There are quite of few sites that offer this free service. There are other sites that offer this service for free and give you the opportunity to earn money from hosting images. This article will get you started on your search, list some free image hosting sites, and list other links about image hosting, and sites where you can earn money and host images.

Open up your Internet Explorer browser and type the words "find free image hosting sites" into the search bar. You can search for some on your own, and I have listed some free sites here for you. These sites are easy to sign up for. Most sites will send you an e-mail and you will need to go to the e-mail and follow the directions in order to confirm the account for each site you join.

Some of the free image hosting sites may ask you to invest more time than it is worth.

No matter what size business you have, you can find free image hosting sites that are exactly what you need.

There are other free image hosting sites on the Net. Hosting images on a blog is another option. is a very popular blogging site, offered by Google, for free. Here are some tips about hosting images on a blog. You can even make some money from blogs, if people click on ads that you will allow Google to put on your blog.

When we find free image hosting sites, if we remember to have patience and take it slowly, we will do just fine. Google can be a bit challenging. These basic steps should help you get started.

New bloggers:

  1. Go to and click on "create blog." You will be asked to fill in your name, e-mail address and so on. Take notes and store them in a safe place for later references (passwords, usernames and so on).
  2. Next, you can choose what the name of your blog will be. Once you have typed in the title and URL (both should be the same), click on "check availability" to make sure that you can have that title and URL. They will give you suggestions (or examples I use them as) so you can change the title until it says it is available. Shorter titles are better, as they help the blog enter the search engines, and they are easier for you and your readers to remember.
  3. Next, you will choose a template, design page, for your blog.
  4. Soon, you will see a page that says "start blogging." Click on that to begin building your blog.
  5. Before you begin building your blog, if you want to earn money with the blog, as well as host images, click on monetize. Scroll down the next page and click "next." Then, you will choose "create a new adsense account."
  6. You will be asked for more information and to check boxes agreeing to their policies and rules. When it asks which account type, if you choose the individual one, it is easier to get paid once your account reaches the minimum payout. Follow the directions till you have set up the account.
  7. You will be returned to your blog building page. Click on monetize again. If you see the word "earnings" and so on, you have set up ads to be placed on your blog, once you write your first post.
  8. This next link will help you write blogs that are SEO helpful, in which will help you to get traffic to your blog.

There is another great place for blogging and image hosting. It is, and it is free.

If you need to try out other places, continue to search, by typing into your browser, "find free image hosting sites." There are many ways to do this, for free, and there is a whole web of educational information for you.


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