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A graphic designer works with different types of modes of communication to portray a message or idea. He can combine words, images, colors and perspectives to create the desired effect for an advertisement or a web page layout.

If you want to become a graphic designer, you can take design classes or design courses. Graphic designing training is now also all over in the Internet and you can even get different types of programs that can help you reach your educational and career goals. Here are a few tips to find those free online courses when you Google "graphic design".

How To Find Free Online Courses in Graphic Design:

  1. Basic Concepts. Keep in mind when trying to find a free online graphic design course that whatever site you find, it should have the definition of basic concepts of graphic designing, no matter what the medium you decide to specialize in. There are different fields you can enter in graphics design, and if you want to specialize in say, advertisement, you would need to understand the basics of designing for certain types of products. If you desire to focus on web design, then emphasis on what the client desires must be part of the basic instruction. Graphic designing is a complex discipline on its own, and to truly benefit from what you want to learn, get the one that will suit your needs and area of specialty.
  2. Tutorials. All these sites will have some sort of tutorials regarding a specific type of craft that you would want to learn. Some will approach the course more philosophically and academically, as in the university perspective. Others will focus on learning graphic design via computer programs for practical application. Some free online computer courses would provide logo design software for you to work on and practice your skills. There are many ways to improve in this field so do not hesitate to explore all the possible ways for you to improve your skills.
  3. Medium of Instruction. The medium of course instruction is important because it accommodates different learning styles. If your primary learning style is through visual and video instructional aids, make sure to find those that have what you are looking for. If you learn more by audio instructions, make sure they have pictures that come with the course to better understand what is being taught.
  4. Benefits. Another factor would be the benefits you will receive from enrolling in an online course. Some free online computer courses would have manuals they can give out while others may even have certificates they can give at the end of the course. Some would even give recommendations when you are ready to apply for a job. The benefits are varied and wider. Whatever the benefits will be, make sure that it will be everything that you would need out of a course for graphic design training. Don't forget to check all possibilities when you find a free online graphic design course that you feel will suit your needs.

Whatever type of course you will take, and whatever kind of specialty you will have, make sure that you are taking the best online course the Internet has to offer. The best does not necessarily mean with the most topics crammed into one, but where you can learn the best that you can for the field that you want to pursue. Also, keep in mind that few free courses will provide credit for the course.  Make sure that if you want school or continuing education credit, that you have selected the right course. We hope this article has helped you learn how to find free online courses in graphic design and will enable you to further your graphic design education.


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