How To Find Free Online Training Video Programs

Are you in the business of training people? What methods or technologies do you use? How do you usually arrange your presentation? Do you make use of games or real life scenarios as examples?

You might find the need to present training programs in school, in the office, to the boss, to colleagues, and even to clients. Training video presentations engage your audience's attention better, compared to simple slideshows, since they use two of their five senses. Seeing and hearing or listening at the same time makes it more effective for your listeners to understand and recall what you have to say and what you want to impart to them. With the use of videos in training, whether simple homemade videos, professionally created videos, or even training software, learning is facilitated in a faster, more understandable, and easier way.

In using training videos, you could either create them yourself, or just find one that's readily available online. With the millions of users who create training and how-to video presentations and upload them on websites like YouTube, Revver, or, half of your task is already off your plate.

You can find training and how-to videos on any topic under the sun from these websites. The key to finding the training video that you need is in how creative and efficient you are at running searches. Here are a few steps that might help you along the way.

Identify what you are looking for. Whether it's a training on how to apply eye makeup, how to create the perfect red lips, or how to create a black-and-white Macbook, or how to create a photography lightbox, first think of what you want to find, and condense your thoughts into a 3-word phrase, a keyword, or a sentence. Search engines work on keywords, so it would be a boon to be able to search the right way. Examples of keywords that get you results:

photography lightbox how to

how to create a photography lightbox

photography lightbox

eye makeup tutorial

eye makeup application how to

how to apply eye makeup

Know the right websites to search for your training video.  Not all video websites are created equally. Most of the video websites are there for profit, and they're basically filled with content "scraped" or re-posted from the legitimate video sites. Thus, it would be great if you already knew the best and most trustworthy websites to pick the videos from. Of course, the video giant, YouTube is on top of the list. The people who upload on YouTube are generally real people with the desire to create a community and impart what they know. But you should still watch out for rebadged, rebranded or scraped video, which you might be better off sourcing from the original publisher.

Here are some video sites you can use to search for training videos. These usually have built-in search engines that make it easy to look for training videos by keyword or by category.

How To Websites. These websites are geared to host how-to videos specifically. You may be able to find more by searching for "how to videos" on Google or your favorite search engine.

With the popularity of new media, creating that perfect presentation, course, seminar, or just learning from the comfort of your home, has never been the same. While you very well can create your own video via Windows Media Maker, Ulead, iMovie, Final Cut, or other software, nothing beats just searching for a video online then using that as part of what you want to teach. It saves time, effort, and gives your presentations and courses the edge that you need. Thanks to these online video websites, and online training video websites, training videos get to you with only a keyword and a click of a button.


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