How To Find Free Wi-Fi Software Downloads

You may have a wireless notebook or network at home and want to know more about what you can do with it. No matter what you're looking for, free Wi-Fi software downloads are an appealing choice for your needs. There are several products out there to help you with expanding what you can do with any Wi-Fi network you find, whether it be at home or at any Wi-Fi hotspot around the world.

Before connecting to a Wi-Fi network, especially a public network, it is imperative to be sure you're protected from anyone else connected to the network. There is a free software application called LucidLink, which detects the security settings of the network you're connecting to. It also features configuration assistance, showing you how to configure your network and how to tell if there is a security risk.

Another free download is called Airsnare. It is a monitoring system that alerts you to unknown requests to join the network. It also alerts you if your Wi-Fi network has been hijacked externally by someone such as a neighbor or another mystery hijacker with unscrupulous intent. It is a great application for those situations where you need to connect to a public network but want to keep an eye on the other connections. It can be configured to run in the background and alert you to any strange activity. It can also be configured to decide what gets monitored and what does not.

A free Wi-Fi software download called ZoneRider gives you the option to start selling Internet service to your neighbors if you want. You can get paid for becoming a Hotspot in ZoneRider's network. Just keep in mind that if you want to do this, you need to check with your ISP to make sure you are not violating the Terms and Conditions of your service agreement.

WiPeer is a useful Wi-Fi based peer-to-peer application which allows you to instantly perform certain networking tasks with other Wi-Fi users near you, provided they also have the software installed. Easy to set up, the software gives users who have Wi-Fi enabled laptops and desktops options such as sharing files, playing games or even chatting on a private peer-to-peer network without the need for any access point.

There are many more applications available on the Internet. It is easy to search for and find Wi-Fi software downloads to enhance your wireless network experience, no matter what aspect you are interested in pursuing.


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