How To Find Free World Time Clock Software

You may need comprehensive and efficient world time clock software for your business needs (such as for maintaining highly time-sensitive payroll records), or even just to keep you informed about the time in places in the world where your relatives or loved ones are. If you want this kind of information, it's good to know that software like this could come for free. So if you're on the hunt for free world time clock software, here are some websites that you could find useful:

  1. From this website, you'd be able to download to your PC a program called TimesOwn Pro, which you can use to calculate the time anywhere in the world. The program would also account for such factors as daylight/summer time differences and dates. One practical application of this user-friendly program is that you could maintain this as a time-keeping software, such as when you'd need to facilitate an international online conference. In this case, you'd be able to efficiently monitor the time in the different areas where the members of your conference are. Though this software is a free download, you could opt to purchase instead its premiere version: about $70 for a one-year term.
  2. This open source software site contains free time-related programs such as employee time software, employee scheduling, time and attendance software, and time-sheet software. These applications are designed to run in the following operating systems: Microsoft XP, Vista, Linux and Mac OS X.
  3. This site provides you with a free downloadable desktop clock that displays time and date information in different worldwide locations you prefer. It also includes an appointment management system to help you keep track of important dates and appointments.
  4. This site provides a list of numerous freeware related to world clock and time zone displays that you could easily install on your PC. Different options include time clocks with different skins; the display of other features such as world population information; world map display; time management applications, etc.
  5. Through this site, you would be able to see a list of different useful employee time attendance software that you could easily download. Available options include different modes of employee time recording systems such as attendance through logging in to different workstations and biometric time clocks (example, through fingerprint authentication); employee scheduling that takes into account sick leaves and holidays and which you can view per single employee or per week; and automatic clocking in and out sequencing, among others. This site may prove to be useful to you, though there are some programs here that require payment.

There you have it! These are just some of the websites that you could browse through to fulfill your world time clock software needs. Of course, which one you'd choose would depend on your needs; take time first to outline what your purposes are for downloading time clock software, and you could work from there to help you narrow down your search options. Good luck, and happy hunting!


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