How To Find Managed Hosting Services

Now you are ready to take the plunge and finally join the online competition. But you have one problem: you don't know how to create your company's website. No problem with that because with the many hosting servers and options you have, you can definitely find the one you are looking for. You may want to consider getting managed hosting services. Unlike shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, managed hosting allows you to maintain, control, and monitor your hosting servers even without you having knowledge of Web hosting. It does not even require you to hire a group of IT professionals as you would in dedicated server hosting and shared hosting.

All you have to do is pay a reliable Web hosting company and they will take care of your hosting servers. With that option, you'll have to leave your server in the co-location hosting venue. Servers used for dedicated hosting are also put in the co-location hosting venue since both of these should be easily accessed for faster and easier control and monitoring. 

With the abovementioned benefits, you will surely want to place your website under managed hosting. Now, your next concern is how to find the right managed hosing service provider. There are many competent Web hosting companies to provide these services, from Verio and Inetu, to VPS Hosting. But how can you pick which among these companies can fully give you the Web hosting services you need?

First of all, you need to assess if your company's website will be large enough to choose managed hosting as a practical option.

Aside from that, your company should consider the cost, the uptime, site, data backups, data security, equipment security, bandwidth availability, technical support, and the company's reputation. It's important that you consider all these factors when comparing Web hosting companies.

It will also be helpful to note the following from each of your prospective companies:

  • The brands of computers used by the company. Through this, you'll determine whether they use state-of-the art facilities for managed Web hosting services.
  • The Internet connection they have. You need to know this so you will have an idea of how reliable and how fast that Internet connection is.
  • Software usually installed for the machines. Know also whether or not your company still has to manage certain software.
  • The frequency of backing up files. Creating back up files is important just to ensure that when inevitable circumstances happen, your company's important data are still secure.
  • Hours you can contact the Web hosting company to raise some issues or problems. It's always better to get Web hosting companies offering 24/7 support.

You really need to set your standards when it comes to finding the best and fully-featured managed Web hosting services. With the many similar companies offering you these services, it is really difficult to decide which should be your choice. Verio, Inetu and VPS Hosting will all compete to get your company as their new client. What's more SingleHop, 1&1, LunarPages, HostGator, SuperHosting, HostWay, and may also join the competition.

But still, by having these many options you will surely find the best managed Web hosting services provider for your company. Take the whole selection process seriously because using a web hosting company will be very expensive.


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