How To Find Photo Printer Comparisons Online

A quick search engine query for "photo printer" would yield a lot of results, so it might be difficult to come up with the correct brand of printer that is ideal for you. Most people have had bad experiences with buying printers, because all the brands seem to have different things to offer. It's just too hard to compare photo printer to photo printer since the build, the specifications and the ink used are all very different. You often feel like you're comparing apples and oranges. Different printers are meant for different needs, and oftentimes you have to look for reviews and comparisons online before buying.

Brand. If you're looking for photo printers, you are usually better off going to the well-known brand names' websites. These sites will have a comprehensive list of their printer offerings. Most brands would usually have lines that would be perfect for every purpose and budget. Some would be great for printing documents, while some will be great for photos - like those printers with photo inkjet design.

Print quality. One of the criteria for judging which printer is the best for you is the quality of the print. If you really want to have smashing photographs that could be mistaken for high pixel ratio prints that could be used for photo exhibits, by all means, get the top of the line model that would allow you to do this. This type of printer would be excellent for those who are running a graphic design company that relies on making posters, flyers and other visual art products.

Ink or toner. The next consideration is the ink. The quality of the ink is pretty much the same for all the computer printer types, so the real basis for selection here really is the speed at which the ink dries up and how much a cartridge would cost to replenish.  Ink can be really expensive, and manufacturers can usually sell the printer itself at very low prices because this is subsidized by the cost of ink. Some brands have cheaper ink, so if you want to save money, you might want to try a printer that can give you more savings in the long run. You can also get savings though if you have cheap photo paper that you can use for printouts.

Build quality. The aesthetic of the photo printer should also be one of the things to consider. Does the bulky type of printer fit in the small space allotted for it in the office? Does it fit with the color of the room or the tables? It might be a trivial issue for most, but it can be really trying to see a very out of place printer in an otherwise well-designed office day after day.

Price. The most prohibitive aspect would probably be price. Never buy a printer that is not within your spending capacity. Nobody wants to be buried under a mountain of credit card bills, right?

Online reviews. If you're on the lookout for consumer reviews, you can check out review sites like, which has a section dedicated to printers at If you would like to buy online as well as see customer reviews and comparisons, you can also check out Amazon at

At the end of the day, what's important is that you are able to list your choices based on reviews and comparisons, and narrow these down to two or three before committing to which model to buy. Go for the model that gives the most bang for your buck and that serves your purpose.


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