How To Find Powerpoint Presentation Templates Online

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of delivering your office report or presentation is through a slide presentation. It's very easy to construct and design, and you could incorporate virtually any kind of audio or visual aid (such as charts, graphs, audio recordings, etc.) you need to make your report more appealing and much easier to understand. Another advantage is that since PowerPoint slide presentations are so commonly used, you could find a wide array of websites online that would help you create your presentation. Many of these websites offer free Powerpoint backgrounds, Powerpoint designs and Powerpoint presentation templates that would enable you to more freely and creatively design your presentation. That's definitely plus points for any presentation! Here are some of the websites that you could check out:

  1. offers a wide selection of backgrounds and templates. Samples are arranged by category; these categories include business, finance and travel. All you'd have to do is to click on the particular template that appeals to you, and then your computer would download it. It would be saved to your hard drive as a zip file; you would just need to extract it (an option to extract would appear). Make sure that you scan it for viruses, as normal protocol. This website also offers links to websites that give tips on how to best create your slide presentation and how to use PowerPoint; and also links to free business card and website templates.
  2. offer a variety of PowerPoint themes, either free or premium-quality with a charge (from $12 to $24). Its available categories include business concepts, art and entertainment, financial and accounting, and industrial. Every template includes a title master (as introductory slide and for section headings), a slide master (the standard appearance for the slides) and a print background (for hand-outs). These templates are very easy to use; all you'd have to do would be to download your preferred theme, open it in your PowerPoint program, and then type in your own text. Apart from PowerPoint templates, this website also offers brochure templates, MS Word templates, as well as video backgrounds and website templates. It also contains links to relevant PowerPoint articles and tutorials, as well as examples of slideshow presentations.
  3. has many PowerPoint themes available for free download. You could choose among the easily accessible featured themes (mostly abstract and textures) or click on the link that directs you to categories such as nature, patterns, shapes and maps and globes. The pages would offer a small version of the different designs; you need simply to click on the particular design that appeals to you and download it easily to your computer's hard drive.
  4. offers products for sale, as well as free PowerPoint downloads. Of course, templates that come with a fee are visibly of much higher quality than the free ones. You would need to subscribe to the website in order to order these premium-quality downloads. If you feel that the design of your PowerPoint presentation is highly important, then you could opt to subscribe and then purchase a high-quality template from this website.

These are just some of the websites that offer free or inexpensive PowerPoint templates that you could definitely use to enhance your presentation. Investing your time and efforts (and not necessarily your money) towards preparing a great presentation would definitely be one way to boost your employee ratings! Here's to more rave reviews on your performance, and good luck!


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