How To Find Nurses Online

If you're looking for a nurse to provide care for yourself or a loved one, the Internet can be a quick, effective tool in finding a nurse online. Try entering the appropriate keywords in any search engine, and you should be rewarded with a host of sites that can provide for your nursing needs. If you are redirected to sites that don't necessarily satisfy your need, try mixing up the different keywords or adding new ones. Remember, it is always better to be more specific, so that the sites that are indexed by the search engine will be more similar to what you were originally looking for.

In order to take a bit of the legwork out of the equation, there are a few sites that you can readily visit in your search for nurses online. Try the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the AANP at The site is designed in such a way that it is easily navigable, and it gives you the information you need with as few frills as possible. The homepage will present you with an input box where you can type in your city or zip code, followed by a dropdown menu of the different states. There is also a handy feature that allows you to define the number of miles to search if you will be searching by zip. The site also provides additional search options such as the area of practice (pain management, geriatric medicine, sports medicine, and obstetrics, to name a few) and the age groups that can be seen. Once you've entered all the necessary information, click on the search button and the site goes to work. You will be presented with a detailed listing or directory of the available nurse practitioners in your area, as well as the different ways of contacting these people. In addition to the main search function of the site, you will also find a top navigation bar that has links to their member center, research and educational archives, publications and conference schedules. is another site that you can check out. Again, the site is designed in a very minimalist fashion - nothing flashy, just getting you the information you need as quickly as possible. Entering the home page you will be presented with a number of main links that serve as the table of contents for the site. These links allow you to join the nurse practitioner directory, as well as edit your contact details if you are already an existing nurse practitioner member. The site also sets up patients who are looking for nurse practitioners, as well as providing a location service much like the previous website we discussed. Thankfully, the links are arranged in two columns, the left side containing the links for nursing practitioners and the right side containing the links for the consumers, who are looking mainly to get in touch with a nurse practitioner.

These are only two of the many sites you will be able to find on the web. Try searching by yourself for more websites that can help you find the information you need, as well as help you get in touch with the nurse that you need.


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