How To Find Free Clip Art of Highway Signs

Apart from their more familiar purpose of maintaining order and discipline on our roads and among motorists, highway signs also find use in documents and various presentations for illustrative purposes and sometimes for humor. Have you seen a stop sign or a green light in a Powerpoint presentation? That could symbolise a lot.

Highway signs are available online as free and downloadable clip art images. What’s great with clip art is that they are usually vector images, meaning they will look crisp and clear no matter how much you resize them. You can even stretch a clip art image horizontally or vertically and it will still look crisp, although a bit skewed. Some images might be in .jpg or .gif format, though, and these are raster images, which might look blurred or jagged when resized.

Thousands of clip art images of highway signs are available, each with their own unique design and theme that can suit every possible taste.  Clip art of standard road traffic signs or pedestrian signs can be used to indicate the flow of meaning in a document or a presentation. These can help guide the reader on the flow of information in a presentation. For instance, a “Danger” Sign (represented by an exclamation point) may be used to indicate that the reader must slow down because he is approaching a very important topic. “Two-way” signs or crossing signs may be used to tell the reader that two different pieces of information are interconnected.

Apart from being practical pieces of graphics in a presentation, clip art is often used to show humor. Funny road signs may be placed in a presentation to inject some warmth and humor and, in the process, keep the attention of the reader or the audience on the presentation. Interstate or state road signs also add decorative elements to any presentation. A report on Texas might look good if embellished with a clip art showing a “Texas” sign, flag or map.

You can find free clipart online from various sources. These include the following sites:

Some of these sites actually charge a nominal amount for the images (such as fotosearch), but you can make do with the thumbnails presented in the preview window if you won’t need top notch resolution.

In spite of the prevalence of standard clip art of highway signs all over the Internet, there is still widespread disparity in the appearance of highway signs all over the country and the world. Highway signs – be they road traffic signs or pedestrian signs – should have a uniform and standard appearance in order to be clearly understood, without any ambiguity, by motorists and pedestrians. Therefore, you should also take into consideration whether your audience will be able to understand these.

Clip art are just another way to spice up any document or presentation. Using highway signs can mean a lot when used properly, especially if you want to emphasize a point or help in the flow of information.


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