How To Find Free Monitor Calibration Software

Color calibration is a method used to measure the color reaction of a device. Its aim is to adjust or maintain video equipment color standards. This method is very beneficial in terms of color accuracy and image balance.   If you are short on budget, there are alternatives for you to use to calibrate your computer monitors. There is a lot of free monitor calibration software available. Most of them can be found on the Internet and can be easily downloaded for free.   Here is the list of free monitor calibration software.

  • Hex2Bit is a website created by Michael Walters. He is the creator of the program called Monitor Calibration Wizard. This easy-to-use freeware is a calibration tool designed for both CRT and LCD screens. It also has special features like easy wizard, which is used for creating color profiles. Color profiles are settings for each type of screen environment. Whether it is for gaming or a regular computer monitor screen. It is also fix-type software wherein it can take precedence over driver software to correct the level of color. The software is available for download from the Hex2Bt website.
  • CalibrationAider is free monitor calibration software from Imaging Associates. It runs on most operating systems like Windows, Macintosh and Linux. This software is ideal for graphical computer users that want to maximize their monitor’s potential. It shows test patterns to enhance screen resolution, color accuracy and optimal image capture. The software also includes a comprehensive user guide and access to the online help site.
  • The Monitortest software is a user-friendly monitor calibration freeware created by Eizo. This software can test and adjust the screen resolution using its integrated 20 calibration methods. The application can also provide data before and after the calibration.
  • QuickGamma is freeware developed by Hewlett-Packard. It is a monitor calibration program that is less than half a megabyte in size. Though small in size, this application can be compared to most hardware calibration tools in the market. It works by using the standard gamma value. It will then compare the results of the gamma test done on the monitor. Once finished, a gamma correction will follow. The standard gamma value of a monitor is 2.2, which is also the same used in digital photography

Datacolor is a company known for being one of the leaders in color management solutions. One of their popular products is the Colorvision Spyder. This advance screen calibration device promises to calibrate a monitor in three easy steps. Its 2-year warranty will prove that this device is reliable and consistent through years of use.   Another is Pantone Huey by Pantone Corporation. It uses a colorimeter called the Huey measurement device. This device not only calibrates the screen resolution. Its advanced color management software can also adjust to any environmental lighting conditions.  Knowing the different types of monitor calibration software can give you a better idea on what suits your needs. Whether you are opting for a free or paid monitor calibration tool, be sure to consider what will be the best for your monitor.


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