How To Find Free Software to Calculate Payroll Tax

As the saying goes, there are only two things in life that are certain: death and taxes. Calculating the tax that you need to pay based on your salary can be very difficult. Whether you are an accountant that calculates payroll tax on a regular basis or just a normal employee who wants to makes sure that the tax that you paid through payroll deduction is the correct amount, there are software available online that changes the way in which you compute your employment tax. However, free usage of their software is up to a limited time only. More or less, these companies are giving you a free trial of their software. If you find that their software suits your needs, you can purchase their application for a minimum fee. 

  1. designed for the self-employed small business owner who wants to calculate an employee's payroll. The software can easily calculate deductions for federal income tax, Social Security tax and Medicare tax. It supports all types of payroll such as: hourly, salary, overtime, double time. It also deducts built-in payroll deductions and user-defined ones such as employee credit.
  2. PayrollCycle.comdesigned for accounting professionals for those who have payroll needs for small business clients. If you are one, then this is the application for you. It guarantees accurate calculation for federal, state and local taxes or else they pay the penalty. The fees you pay already include electronic tax payment and filing of forms, online support and unlimited payroll runs.
  3. Intuit Online Payroll – designed for small business owners who want to cut hours spent in computation of payroll with ease and convenience. This is an online payroll system that helps you compute your payroll anytime, anywhere. This application is web-based, so there is no need for you to undergo installation of any software on your computer. The user of this system can instantly pay employees, pay payroll taxes, and confidently handle tax forms.
  4. PenSoft Payroll – a complete software for payroll that maximizes the productivity in processing your payroll and enhances your profits. Best for accountants, small to middle sized businesses, and payroll service providers. It generates complete reports, accommodating any combination of benefits, taxes, incomes and deductions and vacations. Plus the package has unlimited free program support. PenSoft ensures that the reports comply with all taxes that include local, state, territorial and federal taxes, thus avoiding any corrections and costly penalties that may be incurred. Updating and maintenance of internal tax tables throughout the year is made to ensure that the payroll processing system is accurate.

These are just samples of the numerous applications that you can get online. But you have to remember that these applications are only free for a limited time. You have to be able to determine what application is suitable for you by doing the free trials before you purchase software for your payroll needs. You also have to take note if the application you chose has special needs for the user, hardware, software, etc. This way, you will not be caught by surprise by the cost that may be incurred.


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