How To Find Free Software for Easy Link Building

How do you make your website known? It takes a lot of time and effort in order for your site to be listed at least in the first page when someone puts in a keyword in a search engine. You need to have a huge number of sites that have links pointing to your site. So how do you make other website owners include your link in their website? This is where the process of link building comes in. Link building is very good in marketing your products or services because it promotes traffic for your website. Here is some free software that you can use to help you in link building, along with the links to download the programs.

  1. Agent Web Ranking. It automatically checks your search engine ranking and the search engine positioning, emulates a manual search during the ranking process, and also lets you check Google ranking through Google Wed API. This software markets itself to SEO experts mostly. (
  2. Link Survey Tool. The maker Antssoft offers both a free and a paid download. It automatically checks your link popularity on search engines, and it supports more than 10 major search engines like Google, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask Jeeves. You'll also get live updates about the search engines for collecting and analyzing information using this software. (
  3. Link Popularity Check. It checks your website's link popularity status on search engines and compares it with your competitor's website. Its developers boast of an easy to use interface. You just have to put in the website links that you want to check and click the "Update All" button. It will then generate your link popularity information for the said sites. This software is good if you don't have advanced skills in SEO. (
  4. Link Popularity Analysis v2.0. This program analyzes inbound links on Google, and it boasts of being the very first software that automatically searches a website's PageRank and anchor text. It also finds potential websites that you can link with that have high PageRank. (
  5. LinkCheck Pro. It checks if the websites that have agreed to link with you have really linked to your site. If it comes out negative, it can send an e-mail to those said websites to remind them to put your link back on their site. Its developers boast of 30 day free unlimited trials and a 100% money back guarantee if the software doesn't work out for you. (

Now that you have the tools that will help you on your link building for your website, here are some tips on doing it efficiently.

  1. PageRank. Major search engines use PageRank. Note that the higher the PageRank of the sites that you're linked with, the higher your PageRank will also be.
  2. Industry relevance. Search engines will give you a higher PageRank if the sites that you are linked with are more or less offering the same products or services as yours.
  3. Page Relevance. Search engines will give you a higher PageRank if the sites that you are linked with put your link on a page on their website that contains information relevant to the industry that you are in.
  4. Anchor Text. You have to make sure that you use the most important keywords in your anchor text. It tells people and search engines what the page will be about if they go with your link. It will also help if you use link block hover effect on the texts surrounding your anchor text.
  5. Dynamic Link Pages. Watch out for these, because webmasters use it to escape indexing, therefore preventing their PageRank to leak onto your site.
  6. Redirected Links. Watch out for these, because search engines do not give value to such links. It'll have no effect at all on your PageRank.
  7. Framed sites. Watch out for these, because search engines don't recognize links that are found in such sites.

Link building is not an easy task, but using these tools and tips, you will certainly make it easier for you. Good luck on your link popularity.


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