How To Get a Free Criminal Background Check

Background investigation

You see it all the time on news programs like "48 Hours Mystery" - people getting taken by scam artists who were not what they seemed to be. It doesn't matter how confidently they talk, how nicely they dress or how much money they seem to have, you can't be sure that anyone is who he or she claims to be.  But there's no need to panic.  All you need to do is turn to the internet to get a free criminal background check done on whoever is new in your life.

What About Paid Sites?

Before you begin a free criminal background check on anyone, you need to know that this will take a little bit of time.  But you can still get it done in an evening. You will have to check out several websites and not just one.  Websites that perform background checks for a fee do not go to any websites that are not open to the general public; the only advantage they have is that they can do a check quickly.

Let's Begin With Death

First off, get the person in question to spell his or her name.  You can surely work this into casual conversation.  They may even be listed in the yellow pages so you can get the spelling.  Take that name and run it through a website called  People choose the names of fake identities through names on headstones.  This is a good way to start a free criminal background check on someone who has an unusual name.

If you know the person's Social Security Number, then you can run that number through a website called Social Security Death Index Interactive Search.  If the person on whom you are doing a free criminal background check is listed as being dead, then you know to get this person out of your life as quickly as possible.  You may even want to contact the police.

Continue With Criminality

If things are going well so far in your free criminal background check, then you want to check out several websites listing the names of wanted criminals.  These include the Bureau of Justice Statistics, FBI Most Wanted and US Drug Enforcement Most Wanted.  You can also check the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmates Database at, but you need to be absolutely sure the person's name is spelled correctly.

Finally, you should check out the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Some con artists get their fake names from missing children.


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