How To Get a Free Firewall

If you have a computer, it is crucial to have a firewall to defend your system from hackers. This can be confusing, and below we take a closer look at firewalls and getting free firewall protection from your computer.

What is a Firewall?

Firewalls prevent intruders from getting access to your computer.  A hacker can get into your system through your PC's Internet Proctol (IP) address, and one or more of the several Transmission Control Protocols (TCP), and Universal Datagrams (UDP). Each time you login to the Internet, data is sent through these ports. Spam, hackers, and even online pop-up messages can get into free space on a port, and can trick your computer into opening one. The constant online traffic leaves the door open for system attacks. Once your system is invaded the damage can be done within a matter of seconds.  A Firewall monitors and protects the three ports, and makes them invisible to intruders.

What damage can be done without a Firewall?

Without a firewall, you leave your system open to malicious traffic.  The damage can be severe, and can be avoided by getting a free firewall.

  • Anyone can get access to your machine and snoop around. This means any of your private information is at risk, and data can be stolen.
  • If Spyware and other malware are loaded onto your computer, it can make your system slow and even cause the computer to be unusable.
  • Hacking is how thieves gather information. Bank accounts and even Social Security numbers can be accessed, and be used for identity theft.

Which Firewall do I choose?

Firewalls block intruders and warn you when programs try to connect to your computer.  Many of these Firewalls are easy to use and highly recommended, and also cost nothing.  Below are some examples of programs that offer free Firewalls.

  • PC Tools Firewall Plus: This is a free firewall that provides outbound and inbound filtering protection,  You can create rules for applications such as allow or disallow downloads, and configure the packet filter.
  • McAfee Virus Scan with Firewall:  This security system provides protection against multiple types of attacks by combining antispyware, antivirus, and firewall protection.  McAfee is also known for having the latest in software protection.
  • Agnitum Outpost Firewall:  Defends against malware and controls installed applications.  Agnitum also offers real-time network monitoring.

You can also get free firewalls through Spyware Blaster, Trojan-Scan, and Avira Antivirus Personal Edition. With programs such as these available at no cost, there is no excuse not to have protection for your computer.


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