How To Get Fireworks Clipart

Here in the U.S. fireworks are most commonly associated with Independence Day and New Year's Eve. Of course in that instance, I am referring to actual fireworks displays which are set off for spectator's enjoyment. However one may also enjoy some fireworks clipart to print out as decoration on holiday cards or other various homemade holiday crafts, or even as a graphic design on a web page. Getting fireworks clipart to use for such purposes is easy and need not cost you one single dime. Here I will explain how you can get free fireworks clipart.

  1. First, you must decide what sort of clipart you want. Some clipart found on the web can be printed out for use on cards, t-shirts, stationery, etc., while other clipart may be available for web use only.
  2. Next, go to the search engine of your choice and type in 'free fireworks clipart.' The search result will give you a large list of sites to choose from where you can find this. Visit as many of these sites as you wish and select any of the images that appeal to you.
  3. For printable type clipart, right click on the image. Then, from the menu that pops up select, “save image as” (might say, “save picture as” depending on which browser you are using). This allows you to save the image to your picture folder, you can print it out from there.
  4. For web only clipart you need to copy and paste the HTML code of the image into the web page where you wish to use it. There are a couple of ways you might find the HTML code depending on what website you are getting your fireworks clipart from.
    • First look to the side or under the image, the code might be there.
    • If the code is not visible near the image, clicking on the image should bring up the code.
    • When you have located the code, press 'ctrl' /'c' on your keyboard to copy it.
    • Then go to your web page and press 'ctrl' /'v' to copy it into the appropriate spot, according to the design instructions for your page.

Keep in mind that many websites have restrictions and/or requirements regarding the legal use of the free images they offer. Be sure to read and follow these regulations when you get your fireworks clipart.


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