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There is a lot of free hacking software on the Internet. Some examples of free hacking software are: Cain and Able, Ophcrack, and Wireshark. I have personally used all three of these programs and they are all exceptional, especially Ophcrack because it does almost everything for you. There are many types of hacking software that are available for free and you should give some thought to which types of hacking software you want.       

Cain and Able can crack many different codes and decrypt passwords. To download this program, go to: Next, click on the download link to the latest version of this free hacking software and install it on your computer. The website containing the download links also contains a forum that teaches how to use the program.       

Ophcrack has the ability to crack Windows startup passwords and can do so in minutes (there are separate versions for XP and Vista). To download this program go to: Next, choose to download a LiveCD and select which version you would like (Vista or XP). Once you have done this it is necessary to find a program such as MagicIso or Alcohol 120% (I recommend the latter) to burn the .iso file to a disk. To use the disk simply choose to boot off of the disk on your targets computer instead of the hard drive. This option is presented seconds after the computer is first turned on and is listed under "boot menu."        

Wireshark is yet another example of free hacking software. It has the ability to capture data from password protected wireless networks, and once it has enough information is able to save it in a log which can be read by Cain and Abel, a program which can then extract the password. Wireshark can be downloaded here: This is quite useful when you are in possession of a laptop with wireless capabilities but are surrounded by encrypted wireless networks.       

While all these sites provide good free hacking software, the site has proven to be an invaluable resource. It is a forum dedicated to hacking and has a section called: "Hacking Tools and Programs" which has provided me with a great deal of free hacking software such as keyloggers and remote administration tools. Here is a link to the Hacking Tools and Programs section: And while getting free hacking software is not a particularly challenging task you do need to be careful because some programs are malicious and allow people to gain access to your computer.


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