How To Get Free Image Hosting

There are a number of places that you can get free image hosting these days. What can be difficult is trying to pick which site is best for you, and knowing how to really access your photos.

The first step to finding the best picture hosting site for you is to do a search for ‘get free image hosting'. Look through the entire search results and look at what they all offer in comparison to what you are need from the site. Some are better to connect to family and friends, while others offer much larger space to host your images but do not link to other sites or members as well.  They all have benefits; you just must know why you want to host images and who can support those needs the best.

Once you have picked your site you will need to create an account on the site. This is for security purposes to make sure your pictures stay private and are not viewable to all others online. The sign up process typically only includes email address and a password. With some sites you can then decide to create a profile so that you can link with other friends who use the same company.

Once you have created your account and signed into your image hosting site of choice you will see their easy to follow buttons on how to add your pictures. You will have an option to create different albums to keep your photos more organized, or you can store them all in one album, whichever your prefer.

After deciding how to organize your pictures or what albums you would like to use then you can start uploading your pictures! You just need to click on the ‘Add Images' button.  Then you will see instructions on how to select which images you would like to upload. If you would like to upload multiple images then you can hold the ‘control' button while selecting the image. After you have selected all of the images that you would like to upload click the upload link. You now have to option to go through and add captions to all of your pictures.

The site will then tell you all of the ways that you can share the photos that you've just uploaded with others on the World Wide Web! Some have links you can share with friends and family, others have profiles that you can link together to be able to see each others' albums.


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