How To Get Free Landscape Design Software

Want a professional-looking landscape for your home or garden? You don't need a landscaping or architectural background to design your own. You can design it yourself, using free landscape design software!

Add features such as paths and decks. Select from grasses, mulch and stone to compliment your lawn, walkways and planting beds. Easily add trees, bushes and flowering plants to your design with the click of a button.

You can develop a design for a simple flower bed, or landscape an entire estate. All you need to do is have a few simple measurements, some free landscape design software, and a limitless imagination!

Not all free landscape design software is created equal. The use of software in landscape design has typically been the realm of architects and other professionals who have the skills to translate measurements into a 3D platform. For the Do-It-Yourself type, lack of the skills needed to wrestle with the drawing and plotting of buildings and other existing features into the landscape plan often leads to frustration.

Today's new landscape design software is simpler to use. The two suggested programs available for free on the Internet have one thing in common-- they are user-friendly. The typical homeowner is mainly looking for software which will help them visualize their finished landscape, and these programs do precisely that. While most programs require at least some idea of the size and dimensions of the planned garden plot, these two employ different methods to accomplish what would normally take a landscape designer hours to do.

  • Home Landscaping Design software offers a free visualization program for the Do-It-Yourself gardener. The main feature of their software program is the ability to upload photos of your home and garden spaces, then allows you to drop in features such as trees, bushes, decks and plants, so you can see how your improvements will look. However, the use of the program does require registration on their site.
  • Brought to you by the people of Better Homes and Gardens, their Plan-a-Garden program allows you to drag and drop over 150 trees, shrubs and plants into your landscape plan, as well as decks, sheds, and even water features. You can design a simple planter, or an entire backyard retreat. They also offer a notebook on-site to keep a personal favorites file of great design ideas you come to expect from Better Homes and Gardens. Requires registration on their site.


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