How To Get Free Microsoft Virus Protection

Virus protection

Quite recently I had the opportunity to try out some free virus scanners and internet protection devices. As someone who knows nothing at all about how the insides of my computer work, I was pleased to find programs that were easily downloadable and instructive.

Type the phrase "Microsoft Free Virus Protection" into your favorite search engine. On the page that comes up, you will be offered choices of which download site you wish to use. is the place to start, although several other sites will be offered as well.

Be sure the program you wish to download is compatible with your own Windows System. The parameters are set down in a readable manner, and the simple-to-follow installation instructions are a plus. Read as much about the program as is offered on the sites.

Microsoft offers a free online virus scan for your computer, then helps you make the proper decision for choosing a program with which you will be comfortable. It is suggested that you take advantage of this scan before downloading a virus protector.

Windows Live is a great place to start learning about your computer and viruses, worms or Trojans that can and do infect computers with nasty results. Read through all of it, or read what you find useful and interesting. You cannot be too informed. The OneCare safety scanner is also available on this site.

When you go through the download process from the Microsoft site or from Windows Live, read all of the instructions carefully as you go. You may be asked to choose how or when you want to run your program. If anything comes up that you have trouble with, the FAQs on these sites are very much up-to-date with needed information.

Follow the instructions carefully. If you have questions that the FAQs do not answer, try the tutorial videos at  There are also lists of forums, email groups and online help for almost any problem you are having with your computer or internet browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer is, of course, the most used browser, so finding answers for that browser is simpler; however, Mozilla Firefox is gaining in popularity and you can easily find solutions for that browser as well.

After you've installed your new security device, please take care in downloading products or programs from unsecured sites. All it takes is one little worm, and your hard drive will never be the same. Protecting your computer and your personal files or business files should be paramount. Microsoft is willing to make your life easier. They do not fall short.


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