How To Get Free Web Hosting

Have you been thinking about starting your own website? Wouldn't it be great if you could get free web hosting? Included in this article are a few websites that offer this free service. Each site where you can get free web hosting is a bit different. There are some tips on choosing the domain name and on getting started with each site listed here.

Tips for choosing domain names for a new website: Use a name that people would use when they search the net. People usually search by using keywords for the topic. Let's say that you are going to sell artwork or paintings on your new web site. Some keywords examples are art, artwork, paintings, canvas, and so on. Then, you will add something to the title, because one single keyword is usually already in use by someone else. You could add your name or a year, like 2006. By using a keyword in the title, this will help your site get listed on the search engines faster. You will need to do some of your own work to get traffic to your site, but choosing the proper title is a great beginning. An example title for a website that is search engine friendly is antiques_n_stuff_09. When people search for antiques, they will probably see this website during their search.

Most websites will send a confirmation e-mail to you when you first sign up. You will need to check your e-mails and follow any instructions in the e-mails to continue with the sites you join.

When you go to this site to get free web hosting, you will fill in the blanks at each prompt. Choose a name for your new site and choose a password, then click on "Create a Website".

On the next page, it will show you whether the name you have chosen is available or not.

Fill in the information asked for on this page and choose a template. Then, click on "Create my Site". You can change the template at any time, if you wish.

On the next page, you will scroll down and choose the column that shows the basic web package; click on "Select Package".

On the next page, they ask if you want to build your own page or have them help. It is easier if you choose to build your own site.

Your new web site is on the next page.

Follow the directions you see there, or click on the help button (at the top of the page) if you need help setting up your new website. When you click on the help button, a drop down menu appears. For frequently asked questions, you will be asked to sign in again. The help topic and errors section should open up without you having to sign in again.

When you go to this site to get free web hosting, you will scroll down the page and choose the button it gives to choose the free package.

Fill in the free domain name, second one, with the name you want to give your new site.

Next, you will fill in your name and e-mail, and choose a password.

Next, you will click "go". You will see this button to the right of your domain name.

Scroll down and click on "website builder".

Follow the instructions it gives you, and you will be on the way to building your new site.

When you go to this site to get free web hosting, you can begin building your site right from their home page.

Choose a name for your new site, where it says "website name".

Choose a password.

Click on "start your website".

On the next page, fill in the information they ask for, check the box that says "I agree", and click on "create my site".

If you are shown offers on the next page, you can choose the word "skip" to go further.

There will be 5 offers; keep clicking on the word "skip" on each offer. You may need to scroll down the page on some of these to find the word "skip".

Soon, you will see the page that says you have signed up. Follow the directions to finish building your site.  You will receive a confirmation email.

The e-mail will have the title "T35 Free Hosting-Validation eMail" written in the subject field. The validation e-mail will tell you what to do next. This e-mail will have your username and password in it, too. You may get another e-mail about a survey or about "MyView". You can delete this.

Generally, when you're seeking free web hosting, some of the websites or web site building tools are not that great. You will know, shortly after you begin, whether this free host is right for you or not. Sometimes, you may have to try a few different sites before you find one that you can deal with. There are some great sites that offer this free service, though. One of the best is; if you are a site developer who is looking for a free hosting service that has a file manager, rather than a site builder, this company provides a great, easy to use service.  I have listed a few sites here, but you can do a search and type the words "get free web hosting" into your search bar and you will find many more places to try. It is a good idea to save the e-mails that you receive from each site for further use. These e-mails usually have your sign up information in them, and if you forget a password or username, you can refer to these e-mails later on.


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