How To Get Logo Designs

Do you ever wonder how to design your own logo for your business?  Well here are some easy ways that might help you to get on the right path.  First step in the process is to start off with something simple like maybe a shape, line, or a squiggle.  Most companies start off with some sort of shape, then move on in to bigger and better details.  Some people use a drawing program called CorelDraw, which is a vector drawing program, to come up with their ideas, because it doesn't use any of the fancy fills, filters, and complex drawings like most programs.

The second step is to know the five principles of an effective logo design.  

  1. The first principle is simple, as I mentioned in step one about the shapes and how to start off with an easy shape or line. 
  2. The next one is memorable, and you are probably wondering how am I going to make a logo memorable? By making a simple and appropriate design. 
  3. The third is to be timeless, don't rush to get the logo done. Take your time, as the best pieces of art come from taking your time. Do you think da Vinci would've finish the Mona Lisa or any of his other paintings if he was in a rush to get it done? Of course not, plus the more you take your time with the design, the more effective that logo will be even in 10, 30, or 50 years. 
  4. The fourth is to be versatile. The design must be in one color in a vector format and must be able to scale to any size. Also, it should be able to work across any media or applications in order to be an effective logo.
  5. The final principle is appropriate, you don't want to make a design that is not suited for the business or could be offensive to the public. You might want to consider a color scheme and decide on the type of font you want on the logo.

The third step of the logo design process is to send the finished logo to a representative for critics and to see if there are any revisions he or she would like you to fix to make it better. Sometimes the representative can say they don't even like the logo at all, but it doesn't mean you have to throw out that logo you worked so hard on, they are simply telling you to make it more eye catching or add more to the logo. For instance, say your logo is supposed to be for the new Gerber baby, so you have a sketch of a baby eating off a high chair, and you could add something like showing a before and after scene of what would happen down the road to the baby if he/she continued to eat Gerber baby food, and maybe that will show the representative something more eye catching.

The fourth step is to fix the logo if the representative sends it back with their own ideas for the logo. It could be a good thing if they decide to give you a few ideas to make the logo more effective and appropriate. It is not always a bad thing to get some extra help here and there, so don't be afraid to use it. The last and final step is to resend it to the representative with all the corrections, files, and customer service work you did.


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