How To Get Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system series for PCs. While most new computers come already loaded with the latest version, consumers who are happy with their old computers can get Microsoft Windows operating systems in other ways.

Getting Microsoft Windows through Microsoft can be expensive. Consumers are charged upwards of 300 dollars to get Microsoft Windows. For those who are unhappy with Vista and want to get Microsoft Windows XP, or for those who wish to upgrade from XP by getting Microsoft Windows Vista, it's possible to make the switch without going broke.

College students can get Microsoft Windows and other software programs at a steep discount. Getting Microsoft Windows is as simple as presenting a student ID at the university bookstore and filling out some forms. Teachers and other academics can use an educational discount to get Microsoft Windows. High school students are also eligible to get Microsoft Windows at a lower price.

People who are out of college and would like to get Microsoft Windows have a few options. ebay is a good source for getting Microsoft Windows. Many sellers there offer it at discount prices.

Getting Microsoft Windows XP can be as easy as finding a friend who has upgraded to Windows Vista and using his or her old disc. There's debate as to whether or not this works, with some people claiming that installing Windows Vista deactivates the old XP key; however, other users have successfully used an old disc to install Microsoft Windows XP. Users who decide to try this method should be sure to back up their files before installing. That way, no important information will be lost if the install does not work.

Another option for those who would like to get Microsoft Windows is to try a discount store on the internet. Sites like OfficeMax and Royal Discount offer great savings. It's important to shop around instead of getting Microsoft Windows at the first discount store. The consumer should make sure the store is legitimate and that it isn't possible to get Microsoft Windows at a better price elsewhere.

Upgrading to the latest edition of Microsoft Windows can lead to a number of ways to save. Get Microsoft Windows savings by taking part in Microsoft's beta-testing program. This offers early access to new software. Microsoft gives special discounts to testers.

The consumer who is willing to work a bit will find many ways to get Microsoft Windows without breaking the bank.


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