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Millions and millions of emails are sent everyday across the whole world. Though emailing is free, fast, convenient, and effective, it still lacks something that the people of a fast-pace society need--instant communication. That is why instant messengers were born and the boom of sending instant messages started.

Thanks to the invention of ICQ, we are now able to chat with people through typing the words we want to say, instantly. That is, if the person is online and available for chats.

But despite the extreme popularity of IMs, many people still don't know how to instant message. If you are one of them, then you're lucky enough to have found this page.

Instant messaging is so simple. Here are the common steps needed to instant message:

  1. Choose the best instant messaging service to fit your needs. There are many free instant messaging services to choose from, like MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and Google Talk (GTalk). There are still more options in the real world. Better explore all your options and see which among these suits your needs best.
  2. Sign up for the instant messaging service. Just go to their website and you will see their sign-up button. You have to fill out the sign up page for the registration. These services commonly send a confirmation email just to verify your identity.
  3. Many email services today allow chatting within an email. But you can always choose to download a messenger program, instead. It will be easier to connect with your contacts if you download a messenger system. The Web messenger copies are free of charge, anyway.
  4. Install the software client for the instant messaging service. This will be the program you will use to store your contacts, chat with people, have a group forum, phone chat, and do a lot more.
  5. Customize the instant messaging service program. After installing the software, you need to sign in before you can use it. When you are signed in, that's when you can also customize your program client. You can change its interface, the way it operates, basic settings, your contacts, and how you arrange contacts.
  6. Start instant messaging or chatting with your friends. When you're finished customizing, then you're ready to start instant messaging. Actually, you can do instant messaging while customizing the software. But this feature may only be limited depending on the software client you have chosen.
  7. Study the different features of your software client. It pays to know the different features of your instant messaging software client.

In Yahoo! Messenger, for example, you can enjoy features like calling, sending audible cartoon messages, sending files, sharing photos, changing your status message, selecting availability options, chatting or calling in a forum, and even playing games with your contact.

Other software clients like AIM and MSN Messenger also have the same functionalities only with different user interfaces, styles, and formats.

You may also choose to communicate with contacts in different instant message systems with one program application. One of the multi-protocol applications you can use for free chat with different web messengers is Trillian. Choose to download its free version, though you can always opt for Trillian Pro, which is intended for corporate use.

Many IMs also offer mobile chatting now. You can download their software to your phone and use your phone to mobile chat when you're away from your computer.

So, care to have a free chat with half of the online population? Start creating your account now and begin to instant message with the world, either for personal or corporate reasons.


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