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if you find that your computer is moving slower than it used to or is freezing up and crashing on a regular basis, there is no need for panic! Like a home, your computer needs to be cleaned every so often, or you will have a lot of trouble moving around in it. A registry cleaner is the best tool to use as a first defense against slow computer syndrome, and registry cleaners can be purchased inexpensively and easily installed.

For the best registry cleaner, if you want my advice, check out Perfect Optimizer - you can get a free scan to detect any registry errors that currently exist, and you can also download software that will frequently scan your system to find errors before they cause speed problems. Otherwise, read on to learn about finding a good registry cleaner on your own.

1.) In order to find the best registry cleaner, the first step is to become educated on what it is that a registry cleaner does.

What is a Registry Cleaner?

When you browse the internet or download files or programs onto your computer, Adware, Spyware, tracking cookies and viruses all have the potential of worming their way into your computer system. These files slow down your computer and have the potential to do great harm. A registry cleaner acts much as a housemaid would and goes through your computer registry in order to clean out all that does not belong and organize all that does belong.

Registry cleaners search out and remove Spyware and Adware programs that track your internet activity in order to send you targeted advertisements, sometimes directly to your email address! They can also copy and steal your personal information whenever it is typed into an online computer field. A good registry cleaner is adept at recognizing these invading programs and removing them.

Registry cleaners also search out and fix problems in your registry that are usually caused by deleting programs incompletely or incorrectly. Problems in your registry can also be caused by viruses that you may have picked up while browsing online or downloading programs onto your computer. A registry cleaner can dramatically increase the speed of your computer and diminish crash incidents significantly by fixing these errors in your registry.

2.) Now that you understand the basic principles of what a registry cleaner does, it is time to find out where to get one.

Where to find a Great Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaners are available in software packs that are available either in storefront that sell electronics, or online in the form of a download. Purchasing registry cleaners online is generally a cheaper and more efficient way to purchase registry cleaners, and allows you to begin instantly the process of cleaning up your registry.

By entering a few simple key words into your favorite internet search engine, you will be linked to a plethora of online vendors of registry cleaners. Always make sure that the online site you are buying from is a legitimate site that is free from Adware and Spyware. There should be a seal of approval on the front page of any download site with which you choose to do business.


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