Get to Know Panda Security

Panda or Panda Security is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes anti-virus products and other programs for security. The company was founded in Durango, Spain in 1990. Initially, Panda Security provided only anti-virus software. Over the years, they have also included other security products for both home users and businesses. If you want to know more about the company, you can do online research and learn more about their products and services.

Here are some steps on how you can get to know Panda Security:

  1. Search Engine. Open your web browser and type in ‘panda security’ in the search field. Press the ‘Enter’ key and wait for the results to show up. Usually, the top most results are the most useful ones. You can open the websites and see if you can get any information about Panda Security.
  2. Official Website. Another option you have is to go to the official website of Panda Security. The website of Panda Security is You can see a lot of information on the website of Panda Security. You have the option to view the solutions that are available, the downloads, customer support, security information and press releases.
  3. Company Profile. On the ‘Company Profile’ page, you can learn about the vision of the company and the solutions that they provide for their clients regarding Internet security. You can also see a brief history of Panda Security spanning from 1990 up to the present. Other information that you can see on the company profile is the recent developments in technology offered by the company.
  4. Technology Highlights. On the ‘Technology Highlights’ option, you get to see the different products and solutions that they offer. Some of the information you can get here includes anti-virus products, anti-malware and adware solutions, proactive technologies and the next generation technologies that the security company is going to come up with.
  5. Corporate Awards. On this page, you will see the number of awards that Panda Security has acquired throughout their years of service. You can also click on the awards to get a detailed explanation of the awards.
  6. Jobs. If you are looking to find employment in Panda Security, you can see the job offers that they have. Panda Security also has offices in different regions, so make sure to indicate your geographic location. If you are a student looking for experience, you can also join the company as an intern.
  7. Other Information. You can get lots of information from the official website of Panda Security. You can check your computer for malicious items on the website for a free spyware scan. You can also purchase their software to keep your computer virus-free.

Browsing the company’s website is only one of the things you can do to look into Panda Security. You can check other websites for writer and user reviews for products that are manufactured and sold by Panda Security. Some of the websites you can check are software review websites and websites that are dedicated to computer security.


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