How and Where Can You Purchase a Domain Name

It doesn't matter whether you are a small company, or a huge corporation, or a one-man business empire - everyone wants to be seen online. Who you are, what your services are, and almost everything that you want your prospective customers to know can all be published online.

With more and more people accessing the Internet looking for services and businesses that can cater to their needs, almost all companies want to have their own site. 24 hours a day, and across all time zones, customers can even purchase your items, or read about you, whether it's your business hours or not. The availability and access to such information keeps most businesses on top of their game.

The first thing to know about making yourself, your company or services known online, is to get an Internet domain.

Read further to know more tips and information about what to look for and how and where you can purchase a domain name (or even get it for free), domain transfer, and domain registration.

  1. As with purchasing any other item, get feedback through a search for any negative comments about previous customers of the seller. If you are buying a domain name from, check if all transactions are legitimate (so you will not be surprised in the future) from previous clients.
  2. Research through With this, you'll know whether or not the domain name you're buying has already been used for other things you don't want to be associated with, like porn or hate sites.
  3. Keeping your domain names on hand, look it up and see if there is an ad at that site itself that says it's for sale. You can then (a) choose to contact the seller directly, or (b) contact other firms such as, to hide your identity, thus saving you more bucks, just in case.
  4. Always negotiate the price before you buy. You may want to save a few bucks by trying to negotiate. You never how low you can go unless you try, right?
  5. Check itsyourdomain for a cheap domain register for no more than $10 per year. Research in-depth to know other low cost domain options.

It is always better to do your homework so you do not end up getting banned at Google AdSense, or getting few clicks because your domain is difficult to spell, or is confused with another domain. Remember, your domain name is the main portal customers go through and if they can't connect with your domain name, it might be more difficult to get them to navigate your site.

Your first step to success may well rely on your online name.


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