How To Access QuickBooks in Multi User Mode

QuickBooks is accounting software for business developed by Intuit. Many small business owners can benefit from using this application, especially those who do not have that much background in accounting. The software is designed to help management of business accounts, both by individual users and by groups. Group access is done through the function called Multi User Mode. Here's how the Multi User Mode works.

The first thing that needs to be considered would be the number of computers that will utilize the application. Let's say that there will be 3 people who will be accessing QuickBooks from their own work stations. You will then have to purchase either 3 single-user versions, or 1 multiple-user version.

When creating a file to be shared with other people, you, the creator, automatically becomes the file's administrator. In order for other users to access that file, you need to make sure that it is saved or stored on a server that the other users can access. The administrator has the privilege of accessing all areas of the file. He or she is also the one in charge of enabling access to all other users. In case you want to transfer administrative rights, make sure to appoint a reliable and trustworthy person, someone proficient in the software for good measure.

To be able to access QuickBooks in Multi User Mode, the first user to open a file needs to specify that the application is in this mode. This is simply done by choosing 'File', then 'Switch to Multi User Mode'. The QuickBooks title bar will then indicate that you are already in this status, and other users who will access the file will also automatically be in Multi User Mode. If one user intends to open the file in Single User Mode, then all the others who are accessing the file should close it and then the one user will have to go on and click 'File' and then 'Switch to Single User Mode'.

Multi User Mode does not preclude a current user from working on a file. Other users can still open and read the file while you are simultaneously making changes to it. In such cases, QuickBooks automatically locks the transaction exclusively for you. Other users will be notified that you are working on the file and the title bar will show ‘Editing Transaction’.

QuickBooks can help you individually manage reports, invoicing and other financial management tasks. But more than that, the application can also simplify coordination of routine work within your small business resulting in faster and smoother operations. This will give you more time to focus on the more vital concerns of your business.


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