How To Access VISTA without a Password

There are instances that you forget your Vista password. It could be that you just returned from a very long vacation and when you tried to log on to your computer, you can’t seem to remember the password you had. Not to worry because it is easy to access Windows Vista in cases like this. The following are the steps on how to access Vista without a password.

  1. Turn and start your computer on. Just turn your computer on as you know would, by pressing the “Power” button on your CPU tower or laptop.
  2. Get into the Advanced Boot Options of Windows Vista to boot your computer in “Safe Mode”. Booting your computer in Safe Mode will help you troubleshoot, uninstall drivers or hardware that is causing issues and configure Windows settings. Once your computer is done with the start up boot, immediately press the “F8” function key on your keyboard to get into the “Advanced Boot Options”. This window give you a list of options that says “Safe Mode”, “Safe Mode with Networking”, “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”, “Enable Boot Logging”, “Enable low-resolution video”, “Last Known Good Configuration”, “Directory Services Restore Mode”, “Debugging Mode”, “Disable automatic restart on system failure”, “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”, “” and “Start Windows Normally”. Use the arrow key on your keyboard to highlight “Safe Mode” and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard for Vista to boot in Safe Mode.
  3. When your computer has finished loading Windows Vista in Safe Mode, open the Start Menu. This is done by hitting the “Start” button with your mouse or pressing the “Windows” key on your keyboard.
  4. Get into the Control Panel from the Start Menu. Just look for the icon or link to Control Panel and double click on it. If by chance you set Control Panel not to be displayed on the Start Menu, just hit the text field on Start Menu and type the command “CONTROL PANEL” and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to open the Control Panel window.
  5. Look for the link to “Change your Windows Password” from the “User Accounts” section of the Control Panel and hit on it. Options will be given to you in a form of list. Select “Remove Password” and make sure you confirm the request and submit the change.
  6. Restart your system. Close all the windows you opened, and hit the “Start” button and select the option to “Turn Off Computer”. You can also just press the keys “CTRL”, “ALT” and  “Delete” simultaneously on your keyboard to open Vista’s Welcome Screen. From there, just press on the “Power” icon to turn your computer off.
  7. Unlike the previous step, you no longer need to press F8. Just let your computer boot up normally without pressing any keys.

You can now log on to Windows Vista without the need to enter your Administrator password. If in case you want to create a password for your log in, for security reasons, go back to the Control Panel and into to “User Accounts and Family Safety” and create your Windows password from there.


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