How To Acquire Inexpensive Traffic to Your Website

You can think of your website in terms of the more traditional media such as newspapers, radio programs and TV shows. These media thrive on ads - the more popular they are the more ads they can garner and more money comes in. Making a living out of your website amounts to the same thing; the more traffic your site has the more income it can potentially generate through advertising. If you know what you're doing, it shouldn't cost you much to drive people to visit your site.

  1. Submit your articles to article directories and ezine sites. People go to your website because they will find something useful there. So the name of the game is content. But how can you let people know about your site's content? Fortunately there are sites such as article directories and those that publish ezines which accept submissions from other writers. Make sure your articles are brief, not more than 500 words, and packed with useful information, something that your targeted audience can really benefit from. Then more importantly include your contact information at the bottom. This is where you can place an inbound link to your own website and drive traffic there. You can even place a hook like 'Visit (inbound link) to know more.' or something along those lines.
  2. Join and be active in online forums. To make your website visible, you have to be visible. This means you need to gain contacts and build networks with other people - a marketing practice that is as valid in the virtual world as it is in the real one. But instead of taking business contacts out for drinks or other social events, on the Internet, the quickest way to start networks is to join online forums. You need to be active and establish a reputation as a reliable source of valuable information. When others members begin to trust you, they may start clicking on the inbound link at the bottom of your postings.
  3. Maintain communication with your visitors. Past visitors to your website will return if they know the content is always fresh and interesting. Besides making sure to update your site, device a way to inform past visitors of new things they can find there. Newsletters are a good way to create traffic. You don't even have to write the news itself. You can always use articles authored by other people just as long as you acknowledge them and leave their links unmodified. Of course you also have to make sure the information is relevant to whatever you're trying to go for in you site. Web feeds are also effective and are an easy feature to add to your website. Visitors who find value in your site can easily subscribe to them and instantly receive updates.

There are technologies now that make it so much easier for the regular user to build websites on their own. This means a lot of sites will keep regularly cropping up. In that multitude that makes up the Internet, one site can easily remain in obscurity. Users will have to be smart and employ inexpensive means to stand out and be noticed.


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