How To Add a Bravenet Guestbook to a Blogger Blog

Bravenet offers online resource tools for users to create and build Web sites that are easy and fun to use. These tools may seem advanced for a novice user to install but makes it simple and trouble free to set up. One online resource tool that offers is the capability to add a guestbook to your Web site. A guestbook is a means for visitors to be able to leave a message where they can say their opinions or thoughts about the topic being discussed in a specific Web site. Visitors who wish to leave comments via guestbook are often not required to sign up for an account. When you leave a quick message via a Web site’s guestbook, your name and email address are often noted down for various reasons. Overall, these data is used to provide a statistical data on how many visitors a Web site has.

  1. Open your web browser and go to If you don’t have a Bravenet user account, sign up for one. If you have an existing Bravenet account, sign in with your registered username and password. Once you sign in using your email validated account and password, the Web site will automatically route you to Bravenet’s Account Manager.
  2. From Bravenet’s Account Manager Page, hit the Get Free Tools button to get a full list of free online resource tools that Bravenet offers to its members. You will be routed to a new page where all web tools are listed. Hit the link for Guestbook to view options for the type of guestbook you want to have.
  3. Select the type of features you want your guestbook to have. Bravenet offers a lot of features when you create the design for your guestbook. You can personally customize the design that strikes your fancy and you can select from a wide range of styles, fonts, colors and custom backgrounds that Bravenet offers. Do not forget to enter your blog’s Home Page URL where the guestbook will be displayed.
  4. Once you are done selecting the design and theme of your guestbook, hit the Save and Continue button located on the lower part of the Guestbook’s Service Startup Wizard. Hitting the Save and Continue button will take you to a page where the actual appearance of the guestbook can be viewed. If you are satisfied with the final appearance of your guestbook, hit the Get Code button which is situated on the upper right hand corner of the page and copy the HTML code from the Get Code Embed option.
  5. Log on to your own Blogger blog account and proceed to edit your blog to add Bravenet guestbook to your page. Under Manage Blogs, click the link for View Blog to be routed to your actual blog. On the upper right corner of the page, hit the link for Customize where it will take you to the Add and Arrange Page elements. Hit the Add a Gadget link. Hitting the Add a Gadget link will pop up a new window where Basic Gadgets you can add to your blog page can be found. Click the link for HTML/JavaScript. Enter the HTML code you got from Bravenet on the box under Content and hit the Save button. The pop up window will now close and will take you back to the Add and Arrange Page Elements window. Hit the Save button for the new settings to take effect.
  6. Click on the 'View your blog' link. When you hit the Save button in Add and Arrange Page Elements page, it’ll show a message that says “Your changes have been saved.” Hit the link that says View Blog. In your blog’s main page, you will now be able to view the newly added guestbook.

After doing the above steps, your visitors will now be able to leave you quick messages and you, as the blog owner, can now have a clear view on how many people visit your Web site.


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