How To Add a Caption to a Table with FrontPage

Many people use the Internet to search for information they need, whether for a homework, or for a report in the office. Who knows, the information you have on your Web site might be useful for them, so with the help of Microsoft FrontPage, HTML editing for your Web site’s layout is a breeze. In this article you will find the steps on how to add tables to your Web site and how you can properly add a caption to each table.

  1. Access the Microsoft FrontPage program on your computer. Load up the Microsoft FrontPage program and open the Web page you have created that you intend to add a table to.
  2. Create the table on your Web page. Place the mouse cursor on the part of the page where you intend the table to be located. Locate the Standard toolbar and click on the Insert Table icon. When the Insert Table dialogue box appears, choose the number of rows and columns you want from the dropdown. Once you have finalized the number of rows and columns, the table will materialize on your Web page. When adding a text to the cell, just click on the cell and once the cursor is there, type in the intended content. You can also add pictures on the cell by placing the cursor again on the cell. Then click on File from the menu bar and select Insert Picture From File. Select the image you want and then just click OK. Do not forget to make adjustments to the length and width of the cell in case the image is much bigger.
  3. Add a caption to the cell you have created for proper labeling. Once again, place the cursor on the table you have just created. Then click on Table from the menu bar. Once the Table dropdown appears, click on Insert Caption. This is defaulted to appear above the table you have made so just type in the necessary text and do not forget to save your Web page after you are done.
  4. Double check the changes you have made to your Web page. From the menu bar, choose File and click Preview in Browser to preview the changes you have made. A dialogue box will appear, so just select the setting and the browser that you want to use for the preview.

Captions will aid the viewers of your Web page for them to be able to fully make sense of the content of your Web page, so do not disregard adding captions to the tables to make your Web page user-friendly.


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